In a haunted house with 1D

The boys and Nialls new girlfriend, Elise, want to have the best summer in an old, abandoned, beach house. But now they know why the house was abandoned.

NOTE: Theyre already at the house.


5. What does she want?


"Elise what do you mean?" Louis asked.

"She was trying to tell me something! She needs something!" She replied.

"What would a ghost need? I mean theyre already dead."

"Hes right babe. If she needed something, why couldnt she just write in in blood like she wrote in the kitchen?" I grabbed her hand. 

"Theres more than one ghost! Remember we heard a different voice earlier than we did on the first day." She said.

"Guys come here!" Liam called. He was on the computer.

"Look, California Ax Murder House. 16288 Vissca Av."

"Thats our adress." Harry said. Elise grabbed my hand. I could tell she was nervous. 

"Listen,  3 people axed to death in 1964. 2 kids, both girls. 1 adult. The father. The mother was out getting food and come back to a dead family. Victums, Samuel Carnel, Nicole Carnel, and..."

"And who?" Elise said. Voice shakey.

"Leah Carnel." My jaw dropped.

"What do we do?!" Elise asked. 

"Well we could use my spirit box." Zayn said. 

"A what!?!?" I nearly screamed.


"A spirit box. I have a whole spirit kit up in my room." Zayn said. 

I ran up stairs. "Where is it!" I yelled.

"In my closet." Zayn said behind me. 

"Since when did you have this?" I asked.

"I got it a few months ago when the crew of Ghost Adventures took my to my old house." He said.

"Well how do we use it." I asked grabbing Nialls hand. 

"Well at night, we turn it on and it makes white noise. (LOOK IT UP ITS HARD TO EXPLAIN) Spirits can communicate through wite noise.Then we turn on this which catches Electronic Voice Phenomonons or E.V.Ps which normal cameras cant catch. Then we rewiew the E.V.Ps after and see what we can find." Zayn explained

"Well its 8:45 we could do it now cant we." Niall asked

"Well we could try. But last time i did this Zak got seriously hurt."

"What happened?" I asked. 

" He ended up in the hospital for a few days."

"SSo this coud be the last time we see each other safe." I said.

I rested my head on Nialls shoulder. He rested his on my head. 

"We have to stay together. No matter what. No backing out. We have to help her." I said.

"Well lets start." Liam said.

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