In a haunted house with 1D

The boys and Nialls new girlfriend, Elise, want to have the best summer in an old, abandoned, beach house. But now they know why the house was abandoned.

NOTE: Theyre already at the house.


4. Little Girl in White


Niall helped me up. 

"You dont remember saying Leah was murdered, love?" He asked.

"No. I just remember seing a little girl in the corner. She wore all white and had black hair. She was crying it looked like. I think she was trying to tell me somthing." 

Louis phone rang, It was Simon. "Lemme take this." He walked out of the room.

"Leah....." We heard a whisper. "Come here Leah...."

"LOUIS!" Harry yelled. "GET IN HERE!" 

"What I cant im talking to Simon about our next tour."


Niall grabed my hand and pushed me behind him. 

"DId you get the money and phones?" Liam asked me. 

"Yeah. We just need to get clothes."

"Niall go with her and get clothes." Liam said. 

We literaly ran to our room and grabbed clothes. 

Niall ran to the kitchen and got food. Oh Niall....

"Lets go!" I called. The boys came out of te room and ran downstairs. 

I froze, There was no way i could leave this house. The little girl needed to tell me something. I know it.

"Guys we cant leave.." I said.

"Why not love?" Niall asked.

"She needs us." 

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