In a haunted house with 1D

The boys and Nialls new girlfriend, Elise, want to have the best summer in an old, abandoned, beach house. But now they know why the house was abandoned.

NOTE: Theyre already at the house.


3. Do you see me yet?


We woke up the next morning and walked downstairs. The blood was still all over the kitchen. We called off Six Flags for the day and went back upstairs. I followed Niall into our bedroom and got changed. I had blue short shorts and a grey t-shirt on.

We walked out and Niall chased me into the kitchen. He picked me up and ran into Louis room.

"Lou catch!" He said throwing me across Louis' bed. 

"Youre gonna regret that, Blondie!" I yelled. 

"Nope you aint leavin!" Louis sassed.

"Louis, Ive bit you before. Im not afraid to do it again."

He ran into Liams room and threw me to him. Man I hate being tiny. 

Liam threw me to Zayn and before i knew it they were playing a full on game of catch.

It went on for ten minutes then i got caught and i could see all the boys. They werent holdin me. 

"Do you see me? Im here." This time a different voice. 

I was scared.

Niall ran over and grabbed me. I just knew i was floating a few minutes ago. I stood next to Niall and Liam, just looking at where i just was. It was normal. 


I pushed Elise behind me and grabbed her hand. 

"Im here." The voice thing said.

"What. The. Hell." Elise said.

My phone buzzed. It was Louis. 

"We should get out before anyting else happens that could hurt us." It read.

"Elise go upstairs with Harry and grab your purse and phone. Get any phones and any money. Come back when youre done. Stay with Harry." I whispered. She grabbed Harrys arm and they ran upstairs.  

Liam went over to where Elise was floating moments ago and just looked around. The voice went again. 

We waited for about 2 minutes just looking at the spot where she was. 

We heard Elise scream. We all ran upstairs and tried to find Elise and Harry. They were in Zayns room. 


Elise was sitting in the corner of my bedroom. Her hands were covering her face and she had her knees in her chest. 

Niall ran over to her and crouched by her side. 

"Elise. Babe whats wrong?" Niall said rubbing her back. 

"Her mom did it!" She sobbed. "Leah was murdered. Her mom killed her!" 

I looked at Louis. "Leah? Int that the same name from last night?"

He nodded. We all ren over to Elise and got her to stand up.

"Why are you guys staring at me?" She asked.

"You just told us thet Leah was killed by her mom." Harry said. 

"Quick question!" Elise pointed. "Who the hell is Leah?"

How could she not remember?



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