In a haunted house with 1D

The boys and Nialls new girlfriend, Elise, want to have the best summer in an old, abandoned, beach house. But now they know why the house was abandoned.

NOTE: Theyre already at the house.




How is this possible? This just isnt right.


We all just said our good nights. I went up to my room. Its just like any other bed room. Bed with a neat bed spread, lamp on a bed side table, T.V. , window, dresser, and my bags from the store.

I got changed. Regular pajamas.

Niall walked in along with Elise. They said they were going to Six Flags the next day and asked if I wanted to come. Before I could answer, Zayn, Louis, and Harry walked in and said they were going to.


Suddenly it got dark. The power.

"Niall," Elise said.

"Yes love?"

"Im not blind right?"

We all laughed.



Of course i could make everyone laugh. I always do.

Of course thats not the case for everything.

"Wheres the children? Wheres Leah?" A voice said.

"Harry stop messing around with us!" Louis said hitting the wall.

"I swear that was not me!"

Niall grabbed my arm and pulls me close.

 "Wheres the children? Wheres Leah?"

We ended up sleeping together hearing the same thing about every 30 minutes.

I slowly dozed off.

Im suprised no onewas scared


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