The Little Wood Cabin

In the forest of Oaklake woods only the smartest and bravest people came upon the house.
Only some have lived to tell the tale of this small vacation house.
"52 killed, 1 survivor."
All over the news, headlines spread of all the kills that have been taken in that little pretty cabin, far out in the woods.


1. Prologue

The girl sprinted towards me, shaking me awake as I was still half asleep from being waken up at 1:30am.
"I went there." She whispered into my ear. Tears ran down her face. "With seven others."

"Where are they?" My hand lifted up towards my face, rubbing it gently.

"Gone, the.. Thing took her." Her eyes went wide, flashing a dark green. I started walking back but hit a lamp post, it flickered slightly, as did the rest of them.

"What happened to you?" I asked her pushing the back of the head up against the pole, to be further and further from her. She pulled the broken sleve from her arm, showing a massive cut from her arm.

"It has begun." She started shivering, shaking slightly.

"What has?" I looked around at the people that have started walking around us, she started howling and shaking even worse.

"Don't get touched.. by.. It!" She fell to the floor, almost like she was in a siezure.

Everyone started backing away. Voices started shouting and sirens wirled.

A confused expression crossed my face. The girls body fell limp as the ambulence people picked her up and pushed her into the van.

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