ill take a bullet for you

Jasmin goes to a concert the adrenalen ruhs hits her when she is waiting out of One directions hotel, what happenes when she see's Mr. X with a gun...


2. its painfull

Niall's P.O.V

I finally get to thank the girl who saved my life. I knocked n the door adn i herd her call '' come in, '' i waited a few seconds adn opened the door and walked in with the lads close behind. As i wakled her fce light up, she was also in a little bit of shock. straight away i ran up to her and softly hugged her'adn said " thank you for saving my life i really owe you one, if oyu werent there then i wouldnt be here alive or with you.. ''

she was pretty speachless all she could do was smile and then the lads all said "how are you feeling ?"

she replyed "well my chest really hurts, but its okay, i guessed i saved a life," i kind of felt bad becaus she said her chest hurts. "im sorry you didnt have to take that bullet for me." sh replyed so inosently "i wanted to," then she looked down at her feet.

She was actually really beautiful and adorable.

Brooke's P.O.V

the nurse had just finished asking me questions and i bolted to Jasmins room. I got to the room and opened the door.  i walked in to see Niall sitting n a chair next to Jasmin, zayn, liam, louis and harry talking. I walked in and harry looked up his eyes widened when he saw me, i blushed then i ran to jasmin. I hugged her and asked her is she was alright, she said she was just a bit sore. I told everyone that the nurse said that Jasmin could leeave when she is ready. Jasmin instintly replyed 'now! i hate hospitals." i nodded and she got up and went to the bathroom with the help of niall. She went in and put on the cloths she was wear out side the hotel, the black high skirt only had a little blood but the loose orange singlet was almost covered in blood, she didnt care though. While Jasmin was in the bahroom me and the boys chated we gave eachother numbers and i quickly got a photo with them becuase well i am a fan :)

Jasmin came out and i said "okay lets go and get you some clean cloths, she nodded. me, jasmin and the lads all walked out befor we got in the car we said good bye to eachother.

Jasmin's P.O.V

we where all saying good bye i hugged all the boys and they gave me their numbers. It was time to say good bye to niall. I hugged him and he said "once again thank you so much for saving my life. i owe you one when ever you think of what you want me to do give me a call," we both pulled away from the hug he kissed me on the cheek and left.

Brooke must of called a taxi becuase one arrived and me and brooke hoped in. Brooke told him to go back to our house. The taxi driver started driving when the car first started it rreally hurt my chest i accidently said "ouch," Brooked tturned to me and said "are you okay ? when we get back just go to sleep its 8:23 " i nodded

we arrived home. befor i went to bed i had a panadole and headed up to my room. I put my phone in the doc adn put quiet music on and i had a bath becuase the shower water hitting my chest hurt to much. i was laying in the bath when i decided to go on twitter. I went to my profile adn i had gained over 100 K followers, i thoguht becuase the paps mught have got a shot of me and niall hugging. So i went to see if i had any hate messages but instead i saw heaps f messages like.

@HannahS_LHooper: @jasmin_tews you are a hero you saved Nialls life thank you. <3 i favourited it and then kept reading more there was another one

@HyneChelsea: @jasmin_tews you are so brave taking a bullet for @Niall_Horan, you are a hero. :)x

i repled @jasmin_tews: @HyneChelsea thank you.x

then i logged of twitter and hoped out of the bathroom and hoed in my pj's and hoped into my bed i quckly went back to twitter to see if the lads had tweeted latly. None of the boys had tweeted except niall..

"@NiallOffical: everyone the beautiful @jasmin_tews took a bullet for me, i cant thank her enought !!!!! :) "

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