ill take a bullet for you

Jasmin goes to a concert the adrenalen ruhs hits her when she is waiting out of One directions hotel, what happenes when she see's Mr. X with a gun...


1. Not who i thought would walk in..

Jasmin's P.O.V

the adrenilin was running though me, i had my best friend on my side at the front of the pack right next to the hotel door. I was screaming an jumping calling out. The boys where about to walk out of the hotel, when i saw her, i saw Mr. X. Dressed in black and a gun in her right arm. Suddenly all the screaming got louder i turned my head to see Niall Horan and The rest of One direction about to walk out, as he took a step out i herd the gun shot. I had a massive adrenillin hit and i pushed the sucurity guards out of my way and jumped infront of Niall and the bullet hit me...

After the bulet hit my all i herd was gasps and a blurry vision of the boys infront of me and then i blacked out.

Niall's P.O.V

All i herd was a gun and then a girl with blond hair jumped infront of me. She was shot, i looked at her then back up and i saw a person in black with a gunin her hand, i left it adn dropped on my knees to see if the girl was okay. Another girl, this ne was brunette jumed throught security adn fell to the floor and cryed. Im guessing she was friends with the girl infront of my i asked her ''hi, whats your name? do you know this girl?'' she looked up and sobbed and replyed '' hi my name is bb...brooke a..nd yes, shheee i...sss mmmy bb....eeessst f...f..friend'' i nodded and turned to tell liam to call the ambulance, he did.

The ambulance arrived and they out her in the back, we decided we would go to the hospital seen as this fan took a bullet for me. Her friend went in the ambulance with her and we got in our van and drove close behind. Paul canceled the interview we were ment to go to.

We arrived at the hospital and the doctors rushed her into a surgury room. Her friend came up to us and said, ''thank you, yous dont have t wait .''  i quickly replyed ''no, no we will wait that girl is a hero she took a bullet for me i have to thank her, may i ask her name?''

she looked up from th egirl and said, ''her name is Jasmin.'' i nodded and we took a seat.

we talked for about an hour, i asked Brooke questions about her and jasmin andn so did the rest of the lads, thne the nure cam out and said ''jasins surgury was succsessful she is in her room, shes awake but her chest from where the bullet hit is obviously very sour, and who can i get some information off about her ?'' Brooke stood up instantly and sad ''me..'' the nurse nodded adn relyed okay cme with me and the rest of you are able to go in and see her, room 141,''we nodded an head to her room.

Jasmin's P.O.V

my chest was hurting like hell, I dont remmber much bt thats probably becuase i hit my head when i droped to the ground.

i herd a nock at the door, i instintly thought it would be Brooke so i called out ''come in,'' after a few seonds in walked the five members of One Direction.

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