Niall Horans Real (Fake) Girlfriend

Emberly Mitchell's was your average 18 year old, that was until she took a trip to London and became Niall Horan's girlfriend. But she was only being used as a step in the "master plan". Will all go as planned or will the plan take a little detour? CO-WRITTEN BY: Natalija AND Shannon :)


1. Part 1- Best Friends Forever

Hi! Let me tell you a little about myself; my name is Emberly Mitchell's, I am eighteen years old, I live with my mum, dad and two brothers in Toronto, Ontario. I have a pretty normal life, I just finished high school, I have a few close friends.. So, this is my story. It all started the summer after I finished school, my friends and I decided to go to London for the summer....


"EMBERLY! WE ARE GONNA MISS THE PLANE HURRY UP!" Taylah yelled from the car, honking her car horn a couple times... Way to not draw attention to ourselves.. I hopped in the passenger side seat, giving Taylah a stern look. "Taylah. I thought we weren't going to draw attention to the fact that we are leaving!" I said, wagging my finger at her like my mother would do when scolding me. She simply rolled her eyes at me and started up the car. "I can't believe we are going to London, England! I'm so EXCITED!" Nya said from the back seat. We were going to London for the summer to spend some time together before we all went off to college. On the trip was me, Taylah, Nya and Farrah. They are my best friends since kindergarten. It's kind of a funny story, how we all met....


I ran into the playground as fast as my little legs could carry me. It's the first day of school, who wouldn't be excited! There is so many kids here.. I wonder if I'll make any friends.. Just then, my parents came up and gave me a big hug, and a kiss. I saw some other girls kissing their mommy's and daddy's goodbye. The school bell finally rang and me and the other kids ran inside the school. We had hooks and cubby holes for our stuff and I saw mine. In big letters it read 'EMMILY'. It may have been my first day of school, but I was a very bright kid. And I knew my name was NOT Emmily. Maybe thats not mine, maybe there is a girl named Emmily? I looked around once more, and still did not see my hook. 

There was three other little girls looking around. I stomped over to a blond girl with bright blue eyes who was also looking across all the hooks. "hi! I'm Emberly, what's your name?" I greeted the girl politely, who just stared at me. "I'm Taylah. Did you find your hook yet?" she asked me, once again looking over all the hooks. "my hook says Emmily. See?" I said, pointing to the hook that was supposed to be mine. "mines says Taylor. Lookit!" she pointed to her own, which did say Taylor. The two other girls finally came up to us. "hello. What's your name?" I asked again, to the two other girls. "I'm Nya!" the one with black hair pulled into a pony said. She had brown eyes, just like my daddy. "my name is Farrah, what's you guys names?" said the other. She had brown eyes, too. And she had light brown hair. She was pretty. "I'm Emberly!" I replied happily. "and I'm Taylah. You can't find your hooks too?" she asked, crossing her tiny arms over her chest. "no." they both said, then giggling at the fact they both said that at the same time. Once they stopped laughing, they continued. "I think that one is mines, but my name is wrong! It says Faithhh." Farrah said, trying to read what the paper said. "and that one was supposetto be mines, but it says nelly!" Nya said, looking very frustrated with the fact they got her name wrong. "Girls! What's the matter? Why aren't you in class yet?" the teacher-lady came in and asked us. "cause you got our names wrong!" Taylah yelled at the teacher. She had a bit of a temper.. "Oh. Well, which ones are yours?" she asked us, bending down to our level. "mines says Taylor, hers says Emmily, hers says nelly, and hers says faith!" Taylah spoke again, pointing to each of us. "well.. Those are your names, aren't they?" she asked, a strange look on her face. "no they are not! Change them. Now!" Taylah practically screamed in the teachers face. "no. You don't yell. So, what are your names?" the teacher asked, giving a scary look to Taylah. "I'm Emberly, that's Taylah, she is Nya and she is Farrah." I spoke up, so Taylah wouldn't get in trouble for yelling at the teacher. "okay. Well, why don't you go find a table to sit at, and we will change your names." the teacher said, taking our backpacks from us. There was one table left in the back, so we all sat together.


Since that day, we have all been best friends. I was especially close to Taylah. Nya and Farrah are really close too, though. But our personalities compliment each others so well. Taylah was the bubbly, talkative one. She is really funny. Nya is the sweet, caring one. She is also very sensitive though. That's just one of the reasons why we love her! Farrah was the shy one. She is very quiet usually, but also very wise. She is also very pretty, like mentioned before. And I was the 'artistic one'. People say I'm strange, but it doesn't bug me. I like being strange! "Tay, can you turn on the radio?" Farrah asked, leaning back in her seat. She was probably going to take a short nap. She likes to sleep. A LOT. When the radio turned on, I immediately started singing along. Playing, was none other than my favourite band: One Direction. I loved them! I heard Nya groan from behind me. She is the only one of us that DOESN'T like One Direction. "TONIGHT LETS GET SOME, AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOOOUNG!!!!" Taylah, Farrah and I practically screamed. This trip was DEFINITELY going to be a blast! 


HEELLLLLOOOO! Okay. First chapter of my collaboration with Natalija !! We made this joint account, and are going to be alternating writing chapters of the story! Oh and, improper grammar was SUPPOSED to be in the flashback, but only when they speak. Cause, they're kindergarten kids! And the thoughts are kind of a mix of kindergarten thoughts and older-people talk. btw, my account is @Loving_Liam_Payne_78, so don't be afraid to message and/or fan me! hope you're enjoying! I will try and get Natalija on here and posting a new chapter ASAP! LUFF YOU! Xx, Shannon :-) and also! elena satine as emberly, ashley benson as taylah, lucy hale as nya and emma watson (with her longer hair) as farrah. okay! GOOD BYE!!!!!
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