Keep the Faith~~A story about One Direction's kids falling in love

One Direction is all grown up now. But, their kids are just hitting the teen years. Darcy(Harry's kid) starts falling for Bretton(Niall's kid). Although they like each other, someone starts to have feelings for Bretton also. Who will he choose? Darcy or the other girl?


3. Carly Finds Out

Bretton's P.O.V.

I have to find her. I need to know how she feels about me. I--I just can't take this anymore. Where did she run off to?


I went back to Brett's house because he left his jacket at the rink.

"Uhm, hey Landyn. Is Brett home? He left his jacket at the rink."

"Yeah, he's inside talking to Darcy. She came home crying. Do you know anything about that?"

"Uhm--no ma'am..." I said under my breath, "Can you just--give this to Brett for me? Thanks." I ran home and texted Darcy; hoping she would answer.
- Hey...


-Uhmm, so how you feeling?

-Fine I guess. I kissed me. Why did you do that?

-I don't even know. I just had to. I love you Darcy. And I just had to show you somehow or another.


She never answered back. Geez, I'm so dumb.

Darcy's P.O.V.

"Mom, Dad! I'll be right back! I'm going to see Carly for a bit." I ran outside and headed for Carly's house. I had to talk to Bretton. When I got to their house, the lights were all turned off. "Shit," I said feeling depressed. All of a sudden I hear a door open. It was Angel, Niall's wife. "Hey hun. We were just sitting down to watch a movie. Wanna come watch?"

"Sure," I replied. We got inside and Niall and Bretton were pigging out on some hamburgers.

"Carly is upstairs if you want to go see her." Bretton said sadly.

"That's fine," I replied, " I actually came to see you." He smiled that beautiful smile of his.

"Oh really now?" he asked.

"Yep!" we sat down on the couch and watched to best movie ever; Up. "Oh my gosh! This movie is the best! I could quote this whole movie if I wanted to." I told Bretton. He laughed at me. About 15 minutes into the movie, his parents left because it was 1:00 a.m. Suddenly, Bretton grabbed my hand and led me to the garage. He sat down on the couch and told me to sit on his lap. I was little nervous but I knew nothing was going to happen so I did it anyways. He touched the back of my neck and made me gasp.

"Urm. Bretton. What are you doing?" I asked.

"You see, Darcy, before when I kissed you, you were surprised  but now, I'm telling you ahead of time." He leaned down and grabbed my legs. He turned me around to where I was facing him. Then, he attacked my face with his kisses. Gosh, I couldn't get enough it. I was in Horan Heaven. Just as we were about to get serious, we hear someone cough. It was Carly!

"Oh my God! Carly! It isn't what you think!"

"Oh really now? So I didn't just catch my best friend and my brother making out on my couch?!" she screamed.

Carly's P.O.V.

I can't believe it! I ran upstairs and locked my door. I was so angry. How could she do this to me?! I mean, I knew that she liked him but not enough to do that! I'm going to get revenge on her. Watch!

Hey everyone!! So, sorry for this being kinda short. See, I write in school and some at home so I don't have much free time. But I try my best! And Later on tonight I will be posting chapter 4! So watch out for that! Please give me feedback cuz I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks loves,



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