Bestfriends to Lovers

Have you ever wondered whats its like to be related to a celebrity? well Katherine Payne Does.. and she tells whats its like to fall for her brothers bestfriend..


1. Europe Tour ~ no chapters~

Katherine's POV
have you ever wondered what its like having a famous brother or even being famous.. well i do.. my twin brother is liam payne.. crazy right? Me and liam are bestfriends. I always go on tours with him and they boy and i practuclly live with them too.. crazy right.. living with his 4 hot friends. I mean theyre girlfriends are there too but its different becuase im kinda like their sisters.. me and niall are bestfriends and me and louis are also bestfriends! Im in love with zayn and im pretty sure he loves me too and harry well.. weve had a rocky past. but we talk kinda.. anyways im going on tour to Europe and the boys and im praying me and Zayn have some alone time. Liam hates the idea of me going out with his bestfriend because hes afraid ill get hurt but i understand.. hes almost like my dad i guess. Anyways its 3 in the morning and im getting ready to leave for our plane. I walk into the bathroom.. i look like a mess. Since were going on a plane i put on yogas, uggs, and a pink v-neck to match my yogas. I pull my hair up in a pony tail and throw on some make up. I run into liams room.. LI WAKE UP WERE LEAVING SOON. Then i run into nialls and tickle him and tell him to get up then i walk into zayns room "hey cutie time to get" he does that cute crooked smile and gets dressed. Liam woke up Hazz and Lou. After i feel someone taze me from behind "GOTCHA SMILES" Niall screems.. he calls me smiles becuase i always have a smile on my face. On our way to the air port i snuggle up to niall. he wraps his arms around me and kisses me on the cheek. The past months ive started to fade from zayn.. and ive started having feeling for niall.. i mean hes single.. im single.. i hear him whisper in my hear.. were here love.. "liam can u carry me in" i say in a sleepy voice. he picks me up and carrys me into the baggage area after we get settled down. niall gesteruses me to sit with him. im pretty much sitting on top him. Liam gives him a dirty look..

Nialls POV
Shes beautiful. Everything about her.. from her bleach blonde hair, tan skin and beautiful blue eyes that make me melt. I grab her waist as we get up to board the plane. Liam doesnt like the idea of me asking her out but he doesnt mind becuase he knows i could never hurt her.. Harry hurt her and i would never put her through that kind of pain. I kiss her softly on her neck and she brushes her hand through my hair. damn. After we take our seats she sits next me and drifts off into sleep.

Liam POV
as we check into the hotel i hold my girlfriend danis hand and think about how happy i am. i want my sister to feel the same. i know her and niall have a thing but ... i dont know what to think after her and harry .. i was so angry. Shes very sensitive she cried for weeks and wouldnt talk to anyone but niall and louis. They wiped her tears away and conforted her. that shouldve been me.. ive been a terrible brother.. i promised her i would be there for her i love her and want the best for her. "liam!" katherine squels and gives me a hug "well hi there missy!" i give her a hug. it was so random but im glad she gave me a hug. i needed one after that long flight.

Katherines POV
As we enter our hotel room .. its absoultly beautiful in our suite its me niall louis el and dani and liam. The room right next to us is harry.. his stupid girlfriend taytay and zayn and perrie. Perries cool but i like el the best shes been there for me i love her like my sister. right when we got there i changed into a floral shirt, jeans and brown combat boots i made my hair look pretty by french braiding it to the side and fixed my makeup. I felt sick from the plane ride and starting throwing up.. liam rushed in and held my hair and told me i would be ok. i felt hot tears roll down my cheek as i threw up. Liam helped me up and brought me onto tje baclony for air. " are you okay love?!" everyone yelled "yeah im fine .." i said but i wasnt. a few hours it was dinner time we all got ready i put on black pumps and a black flowy dressed amd then curled my hair "wow you look beautiful" niall said "thanks baby" i said

Nialls POV
wow paris is beautiful at night time.. the eiffel tower was lit up. i led Katherine under the eiffel tower and started making out her then asked her out "of course niall!!" her cheeks turned red.. "AWE" i herd everyone say then we went to dinner

Katherines POV
remeber how i was sick earlier? well now i dont feel good.. niall was holding me and i felt hot and sweaty.. before i knew it i had blacked out..

Liams POV
sitting in the hospital watching them try to find out whats wrong with my sister.. is heartbreaking. i couldnt stop balling my eyes out. niall was a wreck holding her hand and el was in hysteritcs. And Dani was trying to calm me down and even harry couldnt stop crying. "who hear is katherines gaurdian" i stood up "i am doctor is she okay" i wiped the tears from my eyes. "shes fine. its post airplane sickness" after he said that.. her eyes fluttered open i rushed over to her and hugged her and was crying again

Katherines POV
ouch.. my head hurt and all my friends and brother was surrounded by me. "am i okay.. all i rember is falling into nialls arms.." i look over at niall "your okay love everythings okay" liam says.

Nialls POV
thank god my babys okay. as we leave the hospital i can tell shes still scared. shes gripping on to me and her cheeks are puffy and her eyes have a terrified look. we board the tour bus, we talk about how were going to Ireland next and i really want katherine to stay with me at my house for a few days but i dont think liam would aprrove..

Harrys POV
this trip has been very awkward.. accually the past few months have been awkward.. liam pretty much hates me and katherine... i broke her heart.. it was a few months ago when me and katherine started having a thing.. we would kiss and hug and we were irrestablie i loved her .. but i never had the guts to ask her out.. then the feelings faded when i met taylor.. we clicked .. i told katherine that this needs to end and that we needed to move on.. she cried.. for days.. she locked herself in her room and wouldnt talk to anyone exepct niall and occasionally louis.. she only came out for food.. she gave me those broken looks and liam wouldnt talk to me either.. i feel terrible that i led her on like that..

Katherine's POV
have you ever had one of those random breakdowns that youve been keeping all your problems in and then you burst? well i have them all the time.. im sitting on the tour bus.. sitting on nialls lap listening to music.. trying to get problems off my mind but then i relize i cant take it anymore.. tears are streaming down my cheek and i run over to liam and start crying into his shoulder.. he has the shocked expression on his face and niall looks shocked to.. i guess i just felt like i couldnt put my burden on niall so i put it on my brother instead "whats wrong kitt?!" liam says.. " i dont know.." i say as im hesterics.. "babe did i do something" niall asks he has those cute puppy eyes i cant.. " no babe i just feel like im putting so much pressure on you.." my words cut like knives. "of course not i love you!" he says.. but those were the same words harry said to me but he lied.. i dug my head into liams shoulder. he wiped the tears away.. and held me. then i fell asleep.. in my dream i was laying on a grassy hill. niall was laying next to me and he grabbed me and kissed me.. then harry came up to me and grabbed me away.. i guess i talk in my sleep because liam woke me up and said i was screaming..

Katherine's POV
Now were in Italy.. its absolutley gorgeous. I snap tons of pictures and of course eat tons of pizza! duh! We check into our suite and i go out on the balcony..zayn creeps up on me "hey .. remeber last time we were here.. you and i kissed at that cafe right near pizza.." i remeber like it was yesterday when zayn snagged a kiss.. i feel terrible becuase all of liams friends have liked me.. " yeah i do rember.. " i say sharply.. then he walks away and kisses perrie while looking right at me.. that skeez..

Zayns POV
i remeber the last tour in italy.. i was falling hard for that girl..shes beautiful but shes my bestfriends twin sister.. when i look at i her.. i see liam.. its kinda disturbing in a way... well we were out touring like most people do when theyre on holidays and she was just about to snap a picyure of pizza and i snagged a kiss.. she was pissed and liam hit me in the stomach it was hilarious. but anyways thats why i keep my distance from that girl.. shes hot but liam is way to protective..

Nialls POV
me and Katherine are walking hand and hand up the blvs.. we occasionaly kiss and fan snap girl flashed me it was gross.. but anyways i really cant wait for the tour to end only 5 days left and were back home im looking forward to it and im pretty sure kit is too..

Katherines POV
thank god were on a plane back to UK i miss my home so much.. i miss sleeping in my own bed, i miss cooking for everyone and i really miss the cozy feeling of our home. On the plane i sit next to niall and liam. " liam thanks for protecting me bein here for me on this trip i love you and im glad im ur little sister" then i hugged him "im glad ur my sister too ur welcome" then i drift off to sleep on nialls sholder and his arms are rapped around me and i feel warm.
We land 3 hours later and we get in the car and finally go home. i had so mch fun on this trip and i got spend it with my bestfriends.

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