That Parker Kid

My name is Lucy Wilson I attend to midtown science high school a school run by a bully named Flash.nthere's this one boy who catches my eye Peter Parker... He's quiet and shy and don't get me wrong drop dead gorgeous but no one seems to be his friend he keeps to himself but I've finally worked up the courage to talk to him even though I'm from the popular side.


1. Stupid, But It Was Great.

{Lucy's POV}

I pull my leather jacket off and hang it on the hook in my locker when I hear the locker behind me open the halls hardly have anyone in them, I turn and look to see that Parker kid
He's taking off his hunter green jacket and putting it in his locker.
I grab my books and head out to the outside area where everyone goes in the morning I sit at a table and start to draw I'm a good drawer but that's my secret.

{Peter's POV}

I walk out to the outside area everyone calls the bunker and see that girl she was always glowing with her long brown hair she looks to be drawing I see a huge crowed of people
"Eat it!" They keep yelling I sigh and put my books on the table and run towards the crowed I push my way through to see Flash dangling a smaller kid named Gordon over a dish of food
"Eat it come on eat it" he's saying I couldn't take it anymore
"Hey Parker get a picture of this!" He yells in my direction I shake my head
"Put him down Flash" I say
"Gordon don't eat it" I quietly say to him
"What's that Parker?"
"Put him down!" I yell
"Eugeine!" I add yelling his real name he didn't like that he dropped Gordon on the ground I went forward to help him when Flash landed a punch on my eye and one to my stomach I fell to the ground groaning when he kicked me in the stomach I groaned rolling to my side clutching my stomach
"Still not taking the picture" I said
"Stay down Parker!" He yells down at me
"Flash!" I voice yells that pretty girl I think her name is Lucy or something like that
"I was just-"
"How about we go to class Flash yeah ok now go" she says walking him away, everyone cleared out a kid kicked my camera I sat up and looked it over I closed the back again and walked down the hall to English class.
I sat in my desk Lucy sits kind of beside my desk but up a little bit ahead she turned around
"I thought that was great what you did out there" she says
"Stupid, but it was great" she says slightly smiling
"What's your name?" She asks
"You don't know my name?" I asked
"I know your name I just wanted to know if you know your name." She says I get lost in her beautiful blue eyes but then come back to reality to answer her question
"Peter" I say she looks to expect more
"Parker, Peter Parker" she smiles
"Your Lucy right?" I asked
"Lucy Williams" she says turning around her flowing Locks trailing behind her I look ahead at the teacher. Not being able to get her out of my head, her beautiful straight hazelnut brown locks her crystal blue eyes she was all around amazing.
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