The unexpected

Jessica is your average 17 year old girl. She loves to sing but cannot handle the pressure. Her world turns upside down when she sees Harry Styles on the side walk texting. She immediately runs until he notices her and gives her his number. Will she shine in the spot light or crumble because of the hate?


3. The date

Editors note- Youngers if reading STOP it gets very inappropriate in this chapter please so not read!
Harry's POV

As I rang the door bell I heard Jessica say " Wait a second!"
She opened the door to give me a big hug and small peck on the cheek. I said "good morning beautiful ". And kissed her. She looked so cute when she smiled because if I smiled back she would blush so much. I took her hand leading to my car and open the door for her as I pulled her in close to me so I could give her a love bite. She chuckled slightly, again SO cute!

Jessica's POV

He escorted me by my hand as he lead me to his car then out of no where he pulled me in close and gave me a love bite. Which made me let out a quick chuckle. We were driving to the carnival, I could tell because I have been here since I was little , but pretending that I didn't I said " Where are we going?" But all he did was stop the car and whispered something into my ear then bit it. As we parked he stayed in the car but unbuckled then came to my ear and said " I want you bad ." " Harry you've already got me " I said. So to prove it I stepped over the gears of his car sitting towards him my legs spread out and started to kiss him passionately which didn't take long to get intimate . So he made his seat go as far back as possible so we could have sex. I knew I wouldn't be doing anything bad so I decided to go with the flow. He started licking my lips so I let him in and his tongue danced on the insides of my mouth. I said "Harry stop". And obeyed my orders.
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