The unexpected

Jessica is your average 17 year old girl. She loves to sing but cannot handle the pressure. Her world turns upside down when she sees Harry Styles on the side walk texting. She immediately runs until he notices her and gives her his number. Will she shine in the spot light or crumble because of the hate?


1. School

Jessica's POV:

As I sat down my gigantic pile of history books I noticed no one was there. I decided to leave to see what was going on. I saw my friend Ariana to ask her what was going on " Ari why isn't anyone in class?" " Didn't you hear One direction is in town!" " Who are they?" I asked. Her face was full of confusion and then, almost in a scream she said " Who are they! Haven't you ever seen my room?!" " Ohhh them " I said sarcastically. As I left her side. I was walking home I saw the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. With his perfect curls, green eyes and lightly tanned skin, I knew I had seen him before. Whilst it looked like he was in the middle of texting some one he looked up finding me staring at him. Than in an instant I ran, I ran til' he said, " Hey " I turned around to see him looking at me, smiling. Which of course made me blush. " Hi" I said back smiling. " Can I have your number?" He sweetly asked. " gladly " I said back. And he took the piece of paper and have me a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly.
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