The unexpected

Jessica is your average 17 year old girl. She loves to sing but cannot handle the pressure. Her world turns upside down when she sees Harry Styles on the side walk texting. She immediately runs until he notices her and gives her his number. Will she shine in the spot light or crumble because of the hate?


2. Home

I walked into the house seeing my mom cook my favorite dinner ever, so I knew something was up. I quietly walked into the kitchen smelling the amazing aroma of garlic. As I tip-toed in I got a sweet text from Harry saying ' Hey Jessica, I was wondering if you want to hang out tomorrow morning. Love Harry xoxo' I quickly read the message before my mom could. She patted on the chair next to hers indicating that she wanted me to sit next to her. I accepted and sat down " sweet heart " She said " I don't know how I can tell you this but I am going to be going on a very long business trip so you will have to stay home by yourself. " " OK " I said. She looked shocked. I could tell that she wasn't expecting what I had just said. " OK? What do you mean by OK?" " I am fine stayin' home by myself and gettin' dirty doin everything " I said with a smirk " Just kidding ":D I ran up to my room and flipped on to my bed texting Harry . ' Hey babe , I might be able to hang out, IF I don't have practice Love Jessica'. Sorry that the story was so short, I'll write more tomorrow!
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