Is this a dream

When Autumn finds out something she has to do with one direction she's confused read to find out what it is


6. Chapter 5: dinner


Nialls POV   "So what's your favorite type of food?"  I asked Autumn as we were walking towards the resturant "Oh I'd have to say Italian!"  "Me too! Favorite food?" "Wow ugh that's hard, hmmm Oh! Chicken definitely chicken any type is amazing!"  "Wow same! Alright let's sit down"  **********************************

We were talking for what seemed like 5 mins even though it had been an hour! everything we talked about we had in common. it was amazing to finally find someone that loves me for me. ************************************* Rachaels POV  UGHHH the most awkward date in fucking existence I thought I liked him  He's so uninteresting this date ship has sunken completely. Time for a girl meeting. 'Girls bathroom break, NOW!!' I texted all the girls  They all got it and we excused  ourselves and went to the bathroom to descus what had happened so far. "He's amazing and hilarious I think I really do truly like him!!!" Said Serena  "Okay, Hannah." I said gesturing to Hannah "He's so charming and understands how to treat me properly!"  "He's so sweet and we have so many things in common!" Said Becca  "He is the most wonderful man I have ever met in my entire life, I think he's the one!" Said autumn "what about you Rachael?"  "Uhh well it's really awkward and we have nothing in common and um yeah it's not working out I probably won't stay with him." I said  "Aww really? You guys would make a really cute couple!!" Said Serena  "I think I might leave now, sorry!"  I said "if anyone asks I'm sick okay! I'm moving back to my old house."  "Alright." Said the girls  So I guess I have to tell zayn  "The meeting is done girls." I say as we all head back to our tables  I awkwardly walk up to our table an say "hi I'm so sorry but I don't really feel well I'm gonna go back home." "Alright yeah I'm kinda tired I was gonna head back. See you later"  He said and with that we were out.    *same time girls were having the meeting, in the guys room*  Harry's POV Alright so I've called you all here  To ask how everything is going out there."  "Lou?"  "Oh she is a riot we are so similar!"  Said Louis  "Good okay Zayn?" "Oh well personally we have nothing in common and it's been a very awkward hour, I think I might leave."  "That sucks sorry mate." Said Liam  "My girl is as sweet as sugar, I love everything about her!" Said Liam  "Hannah is literally an angel everything about her is perfect."  I said with utter confidence. "So Niall how about you?"  I asked Niall  "Well she's pretty much like a girl version of me I think I truly like her."  Said Niall "Well boys lets get back out there I'm sorry Zayn mate see ya back at the house."  "Bye." Said zayn  As we went back out to our tables I looked over at my beautiful date, I don't know how I picked with most gorgeous person in this entire world.  She flashed me a radiant smile  Ah I'd say this night couldn't get any better!   
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