Is this a dream

When Autumn finds out something she has to do with one direction she's confused read to find out what it is


5. Chapter 4: Limo ride to dinner


Autumns POV   I saw the boys faces light up as we walked down the stairs.  "Oh my god." Said all the boys. We all of course giggled because they were in complete awe!  "Alright, let's get in the car!!"  Said Paul. We all went over to our boys, I was thinking wow it's finally time!!  "Hi I'm Niall, you must be Autumn?" "Yup!" And with that I flashed what I thought was a dazzling smile.  "You look, stunning this evening, it's a pleasure to meet you." Said Niall "You too" with that I winked and got into the limo. ****************************************

Hannah's POV   "It's gotta be yoooooooouu, only yoooouuuuuuuu!" Said Harry as he caressed my face gently we haven't even really talked yet and he was serenading me! I felt like I was on cloud nine nothing could be better.  He gently grabbed my face and kissed me... I swear sparks were flying I was in total sync with him and his body. I don't know what happened to me during those 5 wonderful ecstasy minutes, but I did know that did it for me, Harry Styles is my man.   Becca's POV   The next song to come on was moments another serenade song! "Shut the door, turn the lights off I wanna be, with you I wanna be your love, I wanna lay beside you I cannot hide this, even though I try"  Liam  looked directly into my eyes, I felt like he was speaking to be I knew in that moment he was meant for me.   Serena's POV "Lou's its your turn to seduce Serena!" Yelled Niall  Lou elbowed Niall in the stomach  and I blushed as he put his arm around me and started singing "hands are silent, voices numb tried to scream out my lungs it makes this, haaarrrrddderrrr  and the tears stream down my Faace"  Then he kissed me it was sudden yet expected almost I just went with it  Slowly enjoying this heaven.   Rachaels POV "Let's go up to the front to get some space?" Zayn asked  "Yes"  He took my hand shut the window and we kissed   Autumns POV   "Oh god I hope rachaels not getting into any trouble up there haha"  "I dunno zayn might pull a fast one on her!"said Niall.  We laughed and talked for a little while than he sing his part in moments right to me with his gutair "If I'm louder would you see me, would you lay down in my arms and rescue me, cuz we are the same you save me but when you leave it's gone again"  He sat there smiling gorgeously looking into my eyes.  "What are you waiting for?! Kiss her!!" Yelled Louis  I smiled at him and he kissed me  It felt like I was flying high in the sky with my Prince Charming  Words couldn't even begin to really explain the magic we created right then and there  "Guys it's time to eat!"  "HUH?!" Me and Niall said at the same time  "Where's the food?!" I asked "Oh autumn you and your food!" Hannah said "Oh whatever!"  Niall hopped out of the car "ma' lady you first"  He gestured me out of the limo  Holding my hand on the way out. He grabbed my hand as we walked our way towards the resturant Niall kissed me on the cheek and said "you ready babe?"  "Deffinitly" I flashed him the same dazzling smile I did before I got into the limo. It was time to eat....  
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