Is this a dream

When Autumn finds out something she has to do with one direction she's confused read to find out what it is


4. Chapter 3:


Serena's POV    I was pretty nervous about meeting Louis and the boys. I mean what if he doesn't like me?! I hope he does... As I do my hair and makeup everything has to be perfect!  I'm quite the perfectionist when it comes to these things... The weird thing is we all fancy the boys we got, by that I mean I fancy Lou more than the other guys. Not that I don't love all the other guys but Lou oh Lou, he just makes me smile!   Becca's POV   I'm so exited to meet Liam, I'm literally dancing around getting ready. I'm a dancer btw and, I'm kinda shy but when you get to know me I'm pretty funny.. I guess

  Rachael's POV    I'm going to be going on a date with Zayn Malik?! Wow I still cannot wrap my head around it! Me and becca are dancers Becca's been one since she was 5 I've been one since I was 11 but no one can tell who's better!  I'm pretty much a makeup guru so my makeup I know is going to be perfect! and my hair deffinitly my hair ahh  Only an hour left oh crap...   Hannah's POV   Wow I still cannot believe it a date with the cheeky Harry Styles! I remember seeing them on the 'Up all night' tour with my girls and Harry winked at me I almost fainted!  Being a model I always have my makeup done so I have gotten a lot of makeup so I know this night is going to be perfect!   Autumns POV   As I put some product in my hair and some light makeup on I was so exited! I slipped on my dress and heels, grabbed my clutch and went and checked on everyone else.  Paul called us downstairs it was time to meet the boys!!!   Liam's POV I'm so nervous to meet my special girl wow, I just really want to impress her.   Paul's POV I just hope everyone likes each other...   Autumns POV  I walked down the stairs with all my girls and saw the boys jaws drop.   Harry's,Niall's,Liam's,Zayn's,Louis POV   Oh My God...  
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