Is this a dream

When Autumn finds out something she has to do with one direction she's confused read to find out what it is


3. Chapter 2: Realization of it all


Then finally  Rachael piped up and asked "with who?"  "Well I thought It was kind or obvious, do you all know who I am?"  "Yes!" We all exclaimed  "Bodyguard of One Direction!!" Said Hannah you could tell she was very over exited at this point "Are we going to meet them?" Asked Becca "Tonight you are all going on a date with your randomly selected boy to get to know them better before you .... Erm... You know "do it" with them next week."  "Seems fair." Said Serena  "We have selected the boy in which you will be with by personalities  Becca you will be with Liam, Serena with Louis, Rachael with Zayn, Hannah with Harry, and last but not least Autumn with Niall."  "I will now escort you to your apartment which you will be sharing with the boys for, well a long time." "Alright, cool, yeah!" Said all of the girls, except me. "Um why aren't you guys a little weirded out by this?" I Asked  "We'll ya a little bit but i mean you will be fine don't worry!" Said Hannah  "Okay, okay well lets get you girls settled into your flat." Said Paul  So we all headed into the most amazing limo EVER, I mean It was a freaking Mercedes Benz Limo! Becca requested music and on came Live while we're young, of course we all sung our boys parts laughing the entire way through windows down enjoying this to the fullest! ****************************************

*in a hotel with the boys* Niall's POV I was so anxious to meet the girls we were literally just told  about what we would be doing with these girls and what their names were.  My girls name was Autumn  I love that name I just hope she is nice... *sigh* I haven't found my princess yet, I hope I can soon.. I've never been quite a lady's man like Harry is... They always fall for him....    Liam's POV "So lads I know we were just informed of this information and its a little sudden but it will be fine. But if you dare treat any of the girls with disrespect there will be trouble and you know it!" My girls name is Becca I cannot wait to meet her they gave us information on what she does and What she looks like. I cannot wait to meet her!   Zayn's POV I got myself a girl named Rachael she seems amazing,  everything I want in I girl. I'm psyched to meet her!   Louis POV The wonderful lady who will father my children is named Serena. She is a singer and acts just like me I think I'm in love already!    Harry's POV My leading lady's name is Hannah  She is in the modeling industry. She seems beautiful and they matched us up personality wise so I know we will get a long just fine! I wonder what her boobs are like..... Probably awesome oh yeah this will be fun!   Paul's POV  This is going to be interesting, Definitely interesting...  
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