Is this a dream

When Autumn finds out something she has to do with one direction she's confused read to find out what it is


2. Chapter 1: What?!


Autumns POV   As I was watching the news that Tuesday morning I knew I had to go help, lots of people had died and I was complaining about not having power when there were people without homes! Hurricane sandy really did hit home "Mom, I'm going to go help out at the shelter for a little while okay?" "That's fine just be back before dinner"   "Alright bye!" As I walked out of the door I hadn't a clue how many people needed me, but I did know I was going to help each one of them. ********************************************

*meanwhile in London England in a meeting with management* "So we've decided you boys were going to sing at the benefit concert hosted by NBC this upcoming Thursday to benefit the storm victims of sandy" said the man in the black suit "Alright cool, but what are we going to sing" asked Liam  "We'll we thought you could sing 'little things because its slow and powerful and it will get them money for the cause."  The man in the black suit explained "awesome , yeah , totally" said the boys "Also after that we will be traveling to a different state to meet 5 special girls I will explain THAT when we get there" Explained Paul  "Why are we meeting girls ?" Asked Harry smiling in a very cheeky matter "I'm not allowed to tell you yet  I will tell you after we get there"  Said Paul  "Okay" said all the boys    ****************************************** *meanwhile back in the US*   Autumns POV  "Mom I'm back home!" "How was volunteering?"  "Oh It was great I felt awesome helping everyone" "That's great! Dinner is almost ready."  "Cool I will be up in my room" ***********************************   "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, you'll never treat yourself right darlin but I want ya too, If I let you knooooooow I'm here, for you, maybe you'll loooove yourself like I, love you ohhhh!   I sat there thinking wow these lyrics speak to me so much I just wish they could sing it to me that would be amazing ! But I'm not special to anyone so I might as well forget it *sigh* **************************************** *friday at NBC studios for the benefit*  "I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth , cuz it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to and I'm loooove with you, and all your little things."  *applause* "Thanks One Direction!"    *backstage*   "I really want to meet those girls Paul was talking about!"  "Oh yeah we know Harry! Just get some rest and we will meet them tomorrow, okay?"  "Right Lou, Gnight guys" ******************************************* Autumns POV    *next afternoon at school* "Will Autumn Marshall, Hannah Goulding, Becca Young, Serena Weil, and Rachael Zucker please report to the principals office now!"   "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I heard everyone say throughout the hallway as me and my friends walked into the principals office. "Oh shut up!" I yelled back at them  "Autumn what did u get us into?!? I was in the middle of French you know how much I like French!!" Asked Hannah  "I don't know!! Don't blame me all the time geez!"  "Well you have gotten into a lot of trouble lately so you never know!" "Wow thanks Hannah! Name a few times!" "Okay last week you wrote on Mr. K's board 'Chimps are sexual' Then on Monday you stood on the cafeteria table and did a handstand!  Seriously autumn!" "Oh whatever!" I said  "Girls in here" I heard a British man say, than I felt a push next thing I knew I was in the principles office/conference room with who happens to be Paul Higgins bodyguard of One Direction my favorite band in the entire universe.   As I look to my left and to my right I could see It in all of their eyes they knew who he was  I my head I started to fangirl because he knows and protects One Direction! Than Finally after about 2 awkward minutes he said "girls me Simon and the government, have chosen you 5 to reproduce to once again replenish this broken world"  Shocked faces were strewn across all of our faces. WHAT?!? seriously what the hell  Did I just hear?!  Reproduce? Like make babies?! OMG I'm only 18, Aw damn how did I get into this what did I do to get this "privilege" ?!? how did we get picked?!? So many questions raced through my head....
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