The best Christmas present - with Liam

14 year old Skylar wasn't a normal girl, she was bullied in a way at school for likening the British & Irish ( never forget the Irish one) boy band One Direction, and she would get nasty looks when she sang at lunch. Her dream was to be a singer and work with wolves and be a writer. Most of all to meet One Direction. Her only wish that Christmas was for at least one of the boys to be under her tree or to be with her. When a strange car pulls into her driveway and her dogs bark brings fear, what will happen? Will she get her wish? Read to find out.
*Note: this story will be written for each boy with almost the same story but always the same story.So if you are untreated in only reading about a certain boy wait until I write that one ( direction! Couldn't help it!)


1. Authors Note

You may have been hoping this was chapter one, sorry to say this is not the first chapter just wanted to say the story will only be in Skylar's point of view I hope to have the first chapter up tomorrow
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