Stronger (Sequel to Fragile)

Alex's life is a dream. Her brother Louis, from One Direction, remembers everything. She even gets to go on tour with the boys! But what happens when her past catches up with her again, but this time, back in America? Will she be able to keep everyone safe? Or will she lose everything, and everyone?


2. The Past

Alex's POV

I didn't know what to do. I could tell Louis didn't want me around anymore, but could I just leave again? Could I walk away from him like he never found me? No. I couldn't. He had saved me. That had to mean he still wanted me around. Right? I was just so confused. 

I walked down into the living room. The boys were sitting in at the table talking. "Louis," I said cautiously, "I'm going for a walk if that's alright." I didn't know my boundaries or limits, or my place for that matter, anymore. Was he still angry with me for leaving? Would he think I was leaving again and not let me go for a walk?

"Are you sure? It's supposed to rain soon," he said. I could tell he was trying to find an excuse for me to stay with him but I needed to clear my head. "Plus you look really ill," he said, standing up. He came over and led me to the couch, sitting me down. 

"Yes please. I want to go out and clear my head. I wont go far, I promise." I looked him in the eyes, silently pleading. 

"Alright. Come back. Soon," he quickly added, trying to make it seem like he was only saying one sentence instead of two. 

"I will. I promise. Thank you, Louis." I stood up and walked out the door. Which way was I supposed to go? I hadn't gone for a walk in so long, and everything had changed. I was sure the boys had changed. I certainly had. I decided I'd go right. Would they accept the new me? Would I just be a burden for them? Where would I go if they wanted to kick me out? I had nowhere...

After a few minutes it started to rain, just as Louis had predicted. I continued walking until I realized something was wrong. I had no shoes, no jacket, nothing. My clothes, soaking wet now, stuck to my body, revealing just how thin I was. I wrapped my arms around myself as I started to shiver, now aimlessly wandering. I was lost... A few tears slid down my face and I thanked the rain for hiding them. 

I kept wandering around, hoping I'd see something familiar, anything. It had been an hour now and I was chilled to the bone. I turned left, still following the sidewalk, and stopped in my tracks. It was his house. The man that had made my life a living heck for over a year. I slowly walked up to it, letting all the horrible memories come back to me. I walked part way up the driveway and fell to my knees, sobbing. I gently fingered the brownish-red stain. I flashed back. He was holding me, a knife in his hand. I saw the policeman, saw the look in his eyes, heard the gunshot, his scream, and fell to the ground with him. 

I pulled back to reality, only sobbing harder. I had never been so miserable in my life. I just stared at the stain for who knows how long, until a car stopped just behind me. Was he back? He couldn't be... He was dead... This was the stain to prove it... But if he was back, would I care all that much? I was empty and hollow and I didn't belong in the life I had before him anymore. I felt someone place a jacket over my shoulders. The same person then slipped a pair of shoes (much too big to be mine) on my feet and lifted me into their arms. I didn't protest. I wasn't anything special. Nobody would want me. I was a shell. Shells could be pretty, but what was once inside was gone and they were hollow, and whoever found them forgot about them soon after. 

The person opened their car door and laid me across the back seat. I curled into a ball and stared forward, not caring. Not caring where I was going; not caring what was going to happen to me. I laid there shivering until I slipped into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness. 

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