Stronger (Sequel to Fragile)

Alex's life is a dream. Her brother Louis, from One Direction, remembers everything. She even gets to go on tour with the boys! But what happens when her past catches up with her again, but this time, back in America? Will she be able to keep everyone safe? Or will she lose everything, and everyone?


5. Moving Out

2 Month's Later

Alex's POV

Louis was resiliant. He took our parents' deaths pretty hard in the beginning, but after the funeral, he got closure, he moved on. He was still a little broken up about it, I mean, who wouldn't be? The guy just lost both his parents. But he was much better than the day I told him about it. I didn't take it nearly as badly as him. I didn't know the people. I still had a bit of a grudge...

I crawed out of bed, fumbling around for the light switch. After making a fool of myself in the dark, I finally flipped the switch, bathing the room in light. I still wasn't used to being back. My scars had all healed and I barely had a limp anymore, but it was odd. I was so used to the cold dark basement I was in for the past year, it was weird being cared for, having someone to go to when the nightmares came.

I threw on a pair of white shorts and a blue polka-dot tank-top. I still didn't fit my clothes properly, but I was getting better. Niall made sure I ate three to four meals a day, helping me get a bit of my original body back, but I was still WAY too skinny. 

I sighed, threw my hair in a ponytail, put some mascara on, grabbed my car keys and phone (Louis got me one), plugged the address into the GPS system, and drove. It took me about 45 minutes to reach my destination. 

I stepped out of the car, walked up to the front door, found the correct key, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. I looked around the house. Everything lay untouched for months. There was a fine layer of dust lying on top of every surface. I wandered around the house, all my memories flooding back. I turned down a hallway and pushed open the grand glass double doors. My old piano sat there, unused in years. Forget the thin layer of dust populating the rest of the house, the sheet on the piano had nearly an inch. I pulled it off gently, slowly, so as not to fling dust all over. I stared at the keys, tears forming in my eyes. They looked like thy hadn't been used since I left. I slowly sat down, savoring the moment. I hovered my fingers over the keys, afraid to disrupt the moment. I slowly began to play, the notes floating around the room. 

I allowed a smile to form on my face as I lost myself in the moment. I didn't know how long I played, all I knew was that my fingers ached, and I had 2 missed calls from Louis. 

I picked up my phone and called him back. He picked up on the first ring. "Hey sis," he chimed, "where you been?"

I laughed. "I'm at our mom's house. Why?" Louis was a lot better after the funeral. He said his goodbyes and realized he couldn't dwell on the past. Plus it helped that he had a tour coming up. Those always cheered him up. 

"The lawyer is coming by soon to read us Mom and Dad's will." His voice turned somber. 

"I'm sorry, Lou. I'll be over soon. I just need a few minutes." I still had a few things to do.

"Take your time, love." Louis understood that I wanted to look around at my childhood home.

"Thanks Lou, I'll be back soon. Say hi to Eleanor for me! Love ya!" I hung up my phone, covered the keys, and made my way up to the attic.

Boxes littered the floor, half of them labeled, half of them open. I made my way over to the far right corner. Mom had always said there was something there for me. I never knew what she meant. But every night, without fail, when she would tuck me in, she'd whisper in my ear, "The far right corner of the attic is always my favorite place. I hope you'll share my joy one day." I was too afraid to go look when I was a little girl, but I figured that I was 19, and it was time. 

I searched through all the boxes. Some had my old toys. Some had my sheet music. Some had pictures, clothes, blankets. The very bottom consisted of two other boxes. One was fancy, one was a shoe box. I knew the shoe box was more personal, it had a lot of wear, so I decided I'd open that last.

The fancy box must've been what my mom was talking about. I lifted the lid and gasped. My mother had given me sheet music she had written, and the keys to a storage facility. I looked at the gorgeous notes on the old yellowed pages. She was amazing! She should've been a composer. The notes flowed effortlessly, the key changes were astonishing, it was gorgeous. 

I looked at the tag on the keys, it was for a storage facility in London. I took the two boxes with me as I locked up the house, placing them in the back seat. I picked up the phone and dialed Louis.

"Hey Lou," I said when he picked up the phone.

"Hey! What's wrong?" He must have picked up on the note of sadness in my voice. 

"Nothing, nothing! Just reminiscing," I explained. "When was the man coming to read the will?"

"Um, a few hours from now, why?"

"Do I have time to drive down to London and back?"

"Why? What's going on? Is something wrong?" I heard the panic in his voice.

"Everything is fine! Time?"

"Probably not, love. Wanna tell me what's going on?" 

"I'll be home in about an hour. I'll tell you then."

"See you soon, Alex. I love you."

"Love you too, Lou!" I hung up the phone, hopped in the car, and made my way back to Louis's flat. I pulled up just a few moments before the lawyer did. 

"Hi," I said, shaking his hand. "My name is Alex. You must be the man here to read Louis and I our parents' will."

"I am," he replied, giving me a firm handshake. "It's very nice to meet you Ms. Tomlinson. My name is Harold Whitinger."

"Well, Mr. Whitinger, please, come in." I unlocked the front door and gestured the man inside. He nodded his head thanks at me. 

"Louis," I called, "the lawyer is here!"

Louis came down shortly after, gave me a hug, then introduced himself to the lawyer as we all took a seat. 

It took about an hour and a half for the man to tell us that Louis got most everything from our father, and I got everything from our mother. Our father had things that pertained more to Louis and his interests, and our mother had things that were more my style. Louis and I both agreed that it was a wonderful compromise, thanked Mr. Whitinger, and sat back down in the living room. 

"Is this all okay with you, Louis? They didn't know me. They told you you had a sister through a will and gave her half their things." I didn't want to impose, and I was extremely shocked that they even though to give me anything. 

"Of course it is! Lex," he'd taken to using my pet name he gave me when I was younger, "I don't want anything of Mum's. It's all girly," he shuddered, causing me to laugh, "besides, anything I want, I can buy."

"You can't buy sentimentality," I argued.

Louis put his finger under my chin and lifted my head, forcing me to meet his gaze. "Alex, I. Don't. Mind. At all. Honestly. I'm just glad they acknowledged you." He pulled me into a hug.

"Well, you've got a date, young man," I said, pulling away. 

"Young man? I'm older than you!"

"Mhm.... You certainly act it. Go get ready for your date. You haven't seen Eleanor in so long, and you leave soon."

"We," Louis corrected me.

"We? I don't understand." What was he getting at?

"Yeah, we're going on tour together. Like I'm going to leave you alone after..." I rolled my eyes.

"Louis, I'm 19. I can stay home alone. He's gone." I patted his arm. 

"Nope. It's set. I've talked to Paul and the guys, you're coming."

"You can't make me."

"Wanna bet."

"Louis, I don't want to go."

"Why not?"

"I, I just... Never mind."

"No," he grabbed my arm as I turned to leave, "why don't you want to go? Have I done something?"

"No! That's not it at all, Lou! I could never be mad at you."

"So then who are you mad at?"

"Nobody. I'm not mad."

"Then why don't you want to come?"

"The guys."

"What about them?"

"They don't like me." I looked down.

"Yes they do," he exclaimed. 

"No, not since I left."

"No, you're wrong. I'll prove it to you. I'll call them and they can come over and we'll all talk."

I smiled at his efforts. "Later Louis, you've got a date, and I want to go back to Mom's, I mean my, house. I think I'm gonna move in, Lou."

"Why? Now what did I do?" Louis was exasperated by now.

"Louis, I'm a 19 year old girl! I need my own space sometimes. I love you guys! Honestly, I do! But I need my space, you need yours, and I'll only be 45 minutes away."

"Is there nothing I can do to make you stay?"


"Fine, fine, fine." He took my face in his hands and looked me in they eyes, trying to drive in his point. "I love you. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, I do. I love you too, big brother." I smiled and kissed him on the cheek as I hopped up and ran up the stairs. "Lou," I called, "your girlfriend will be over in an hour! GET READY!!!" I laughed as I heard his high-pitched squeal when he realized he was running out of time. He scrambled around the house while I packed my things. I had a suitcase of all my important things I was taking over tonight by the time El got here. She rang the doorbell and I answered it, suitcase in hand. "Hey El, I said, hugging her."

"Going somewhere," she laughed as she took in my suitcase.

"Yeah. Louis is kicking me out. I slept with Liam." I looked down, ashamed.

"What?!?!?" She was astounded. I busted out laughing at her reaction.

"I'm just kidding! No, Louis's, I mean our, parents left me his, I mean our, mother's house. Sorry, I'm still getting used to calling them our parents. But, she left me her possessions, her house included. Our father left him his. Louis said he was okay with it, so I wanted to move in. I love the boys, but living with them is chaos!"

She laughed, "I understand completely. It's crazy when I go on tour with them! Louis's okay with you leaving him?" 

"Yeah, I mean, he's not ecstatic, but he agreed." I shrugged.

"Well, I'd better go get Louis, otherwise we'll miss our reservation. Sorry!" I smiled and hugged her goodbye as I moved around her and outside. "Lou," she called, "we're going to be late!"

I laughed when I heard Louis frantically scrambling around the house, putting some last-minute touches on his outfit. "Bye El," I called as I closed the door. "Good luck with him!"

I climbed into the driver's seat, turned my key in the ignition, started the car, and drove off. It was going to be odd living on my own. I never had before. I'd always had a family member or roommate. But I was all alone this time. I was excited, but also a bit nervous. I wasn't ready to be on my own...

A/N: Sorry my update took so long!!!! I feel really bad, but I gave you a long chapter! Hope this helps! Lemme know your thoughts and what you want to see next! I love you all!

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