Stronger (Sequel to Fragile)

Alex's life is a dream. Her brother Louis, from One Direction, remembers everything. She even gets to go on tour with the boys! But what happens when her past catches up with her again, but this time, back in America? Will she be able to keep everyone safe? Or will she lose everything, and everyone?


1. Forgiveness

Louis's POV

She was scaring me. She was so distant... so... out of character. I missed the old Alex. Where had she gone? Was she ever coming back? She always eyed the knives in the kitchen, and she had taken a strange, and highly unusual, liking to murder television shows. She'd only been home a week but I could seem to get her out of her state. I called the boys over to my place while she was in bed. They all arrived within the hour.

"What's up, Lou," Harry asked. 

"It's Alex." Even as I said it I could see their gazes drop. "Please," I pleaded. 

"It's just that," Liam began, "we saw how crushed you were when she left and didn't come back. You sat around waiting for her to walk back through the door. You kept insisting she was coming back. She still never came back, we found her. And what happens if she leaves again? Then what? Are you going to make it through that one?" I could hear his concern, but he just didn't understand. 

"You all have siblings. Do something for me." I looked each of them in the eye. "Imagine one of them, preferably the youngest, didn't exist." I paused to let them imagine. Harry and Zayn shuddered at the thought. "All of a sudden, you find out you have a sibling. This person now comes into your life and changes it forever. And then they leave again. They just walk out like you meant nothing to them. You were nothing, but the whole time you've got that brotherly love for them. You just want them to be okay and happy, and you can't help but wonder why they left and why they hadn't said anything or come back. And then one day you find them again. And you find out that sibling left to protect you. They had no choice and they were as good as kidnapped. What would you do?" Liam was crying silently and looking at me apologetically. Niall was sobbing into his hands. Harry and Zayn weren't saying anything but I could tell the message sunk in. Simultaneously, the boys all jumped up and ran up the stairs. I followed them, quite curious what they were doing. I found them in Alex's room, they were all hugging her as she laid there, now awake. She still had that blank stare in her eyes. 

"We're so sorry!"

"Welcome back, Alex!" 

"Please forgive us!"


They boys were still hugging her and sobbing apologies, when I finally pulled them off of her. "C'mon," I said, and led the way out of her room and down the stairs. "Now that we're all on the same page, we can get down to why I called you all over. Alex has been really distant and out of character since she came back. I always see her eyeing the knives and now the only tv she watches is murder or suicide related. I'm really worried about her and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?"

I looked around at them hopefully. 

"I have one," Zayn quietly said.

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