Love but still yet seek love.

Madison Hampton fell in love with Niall Horan. Harry, Louis, Zayn didn't like her, because they thought that Niall can still do better. Liam accepted her with open arms and every time the boys would be mean to her, Liam and Niall would defend her. But what if I told you that Harry had a little crush on her and she had a little crush on him. And that Niall sorta started to talk with his ex, Abby.


1. McDonalds then a Chinese Buffet

                    Loved But Yet Seek Love


          Madison Hampton was at McDonalds ordering a number 2 when she bumped into a blond Irish boy. Madison couldn't help but blush like crazy. Madison said sorry to him. And waited for her food. When her number was called, she went up to get her food but someone's hand reach it first. The blond Irish boy thought it was his food but looked down at his reciept and realized it wasn't his number. He said sorry. Madison took this opportunity to ask for his name. The blond Irish boy laughed and said,

" My is Niall, I'm in the boyband, One Direction!"

Madison P.O.V.

How couldn't I have recognized him. I smiled and said "I'm Madison." Niall said that he had to go. I waved goodbye.

       Niall P.O.V.

I almost lost track of time talking to Madison, that I forgot my food that I order and that I'm late for rehersal. When I showed up at the dance studio, all the boys stared at me because I looked so tired and hungry. Liam asked " Niall mate why haven't you ate yet?" All I replied was " I lost track of time and wasn't able to eat." Liam then decided to cancel practice and told me to go get something to eat. I wasn't in the mood for fries and burgers anymore. It was getting to dinner time so I decided on a bigger meal. More like a Chinese Buffet and then I decided to invite the boys. We all went to our favorite Chinese buffet. When I was getting my food, I noticed the hair and voice. That's when she turned around. It was Abby. My ex-girlfriend.


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