A Dream of Red Roses

Chelsea runs away from her fears and runs into a solution involving love and a new life that is perfect but she has to get used to it, but the consequences go in a certain DIRECTION.


6. WHAT!!!(Truth or DARE!)

 After I started to cry for an hour I started to talk with the boys. Ughh even the thought of Kevin make me want cry and posibly scream with fuiry.When we talked we said "We're bored" "Hey,want to play a game?"I said."YES!!!" they yelled excitedly.Okay mmm.... Truth or Dare Louis shouted.They all agreed.Okay Chelsea you start.I had to think good.... Liam he looked quickly, Truth or Dare.Dare he said. Okay, I dare you to kiss Louis for 10 seconds.He looked disgusted,but hey it was a dare. When their lips touched we sarted cracking up for about 5  minutes.He looked at me and said ...It's On.Liam said, Niall,Truth or Dare.Truth he said come on pick dare don't be a sissy.Okay he said, DARE! I dare you to kiss Chelsea!!! WHAT!!! No,and I can't do that to Harry.Harry said it's okay and it's a dare. Liam added in oh and for 20 seconds. OMG!!! Niall leant in closely and I could hear them laughing in the backround. But hey he was a good kisser <3 Harry looked pissed though.I jumped on his lap and he grabbed my hips and we kissed for like 3 minutes. The boys kept complaining lovebirds come on now I want to play.Okay,Okay.We looked as I sat in Harry's lap.Niall said Zayn. Truth or dare. DARE he said.I dare you to have sex with Chelsea.He looked shocked but I saw a grin. I yelled OH HELL FUCKING NO!!! Harry said with a devilesh smile you could if you want to but save some for me later.We walked slowly to his bedroom.He took off his shirt OMG his body is so sexy <3.He jumped on me and took off m shirt then he grabbed my bum and took off my pants then we started.I might have a little crush on this sexy guy on top of me.I heard the boys laughing at the door.I feel bad for Harry :(. I hear Zayn quietly groaning like this is his first time its been 30 minutes.So we stop. We walk outside and the boys stare a us Louis left and said how was your ride we looked adown and blushed and I sat on Harry's lap and kissed him passionetly like never before.I could tell that it turned him on.So Zayn said , Harry.Truth or Dare.DARE! he shouted. Okay, i dare you to run outside NAKED he said I have no problem with that.Aww, I want to come we watched him out the window.Louis said we should lock him out. They screamed yea but, I felt bad. They ran to the door and locked it.Paparazzi came as he ran as fast as he can and Louis didn't unlock the door.Harry tried to push the door open.So I pushed the boys over and unlocked it as they said Aww..Why did you do that. Because nobody gets to look at my sexy baby naked but me. Zayn shouted who me? We laughed. They had a funny look on their face.Harry said thanks love,and all of you mother fucking bitches you locked me out what if I was you.They looked down.Louis said well I would show off.They all laughed,even Harry.Harry maybe you should put clothes on and then we'll play the game.Okay love I'll be right back.I smiled as I saw his bum while he walked away.I love him, when i see him my heart melts<3

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