A Dream of Red Roses

Chelsea runs away from her fears and runs into a solution involving love and a new life that is perfect but she has to get used to it, but the consequences go in a certain DIRECTION.


4. The Romance in Romantic Day


     I keep wondering what he's doing.I know it's kind of cheesy, but I'm really excited for "Romantic Day". <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I really am curious of what he's going to do to be romantic.I ran downstairs and jumped on him and kissed him and said " So what's your romance plan. " He said " i'll give you names the items im using  Red Rose Petals,Candles,Romance Movies, and Romantic Music and Somthing else. Plus The boys are coming and they are really excited to meet you especially Niall.:"Okay" I said with a smile I truly knew that I loved this boy.We kissed for what seemed like an hour.Then the doorbell rang. Harry said " Babe, can you get that it's probably the boys" I said "Okay" As I jumped up.When I opened the door Zayn,Niall,Liam, and Louis said "Hi,you must be Chelsea" and they all hugged me.I smiled so is this what my life is going to be like for now on because I would be so happy to have the perfect dreamy boyfriend and the best guy buds EVER. They were goofing around and it was so funny.Louis kept running around  while Liam was chasing him and Zayn was wrestling Niall so he could put makeup on him and during that I was kissing Harry while he had his arm around me.We kissed forever and I finally heard all the boys stop and walk somewhere.They whistled and said " Come on lovebirds you've been kissing for 10 minutes" Harry and I laughed ,smiled, and kissed again.All the boys sighed and groaned. I said "What!" They all made kissy faces and said "I want a kiss".Harry laughed and I said " You want a kiss, well you asked for it" I stood up, went to Louis and Liam and I smashed there heads together when there lips touched together they pulled back screaming in disgust.Everyone was laughing and Harry said "Nice one babe" Harry said "The boys are going to be staying here for a while is that okay" I said "Of course why even ask it's fun when we are all together but it might be a little more fun with just you and me" I said with a smile.He pulled me upstairs and the boys didn't even notice.We took our clothes off,kissed while we went towards the bed we were ontop of eachother and well I think you get the idea of the rest.I heard a noise by the door but that didn't stop us.After we were done we got dressed and went downstairs.All the boys were sitting on the black leather couch and laughed and we said "What?" Louis said "I heard that you guys were having fun, a little noise told me" We all started laughing and I said " What are you jealous" They all said "Yes"Well I got the last laugh.Harry was running around with Zayn,Louis,and Liam.I was watching them and laughing.Niall came towards me and said : Chelsea, I have to do this" I said "Do what" and before I could finish talking he grabbed me and kissed me and I tried to get him to stop but he wouldn't let go he held me down I was terrified it reminded me of Kevin I was disgusted.The boys saw Niall and they saw me struggling to get away.They rushed over and pulled Niall off of me I ran to Harry and cried into his chest.They boys yelled at Niall Harry and Zayn were Furious they were the most caring.Niall looked ashamed they said " Why would you do that" He said "I loved her from the minute I heard about her" He looked at me and I ran Upstairs and jumped on the bed and cried I never looked up .Someone came in the room,got on the bed, and got ontop of me. I looked up thinking it was Harry,But it was Niall he said "I'm sorry Chelsea"I tried to scream but he covered my mouth.He undressed me and Niall Horan raped me.After he stopped and ran outside the boys came up after I dressed myself and saw me bawling my eyes out Zayn said "What the hell did he do" I said shakingly "Hhh he raped me" The boys faces filled with anger. I told them that I tried to scream but he held me down and the other details.Harry held me tight and said "I'm not going to ever let you go.I felt same in his arms.This wasn't such a Romantic Day afterall maybe next time.Zayn ran out the door after Niall and hunted him down while he ran after him he yelled at him and screamed "Why the fuck would you do that to Chelsea?"He said "I felt like it" Zayn looked at him with depressed eyes and said "What's gotten into you" Niall has never,ever been like this.It was like he was Kevin in disgues.Wait a minute........


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