A Dream of Red Roses

Chelsea runs away from her fears and runs into a solution involving love and a new life that is perfect but she has to get used to it, but the consequences go in a certain DIRECTION.


7. The Promise!

 When came down we were all tired and agreed to continue the game later.When I went upsairs Harry was on the bed I turned off the lights and locked the door.I ran and jumped ontop off him and started to kiss him.It felt like Harry,it looked like Harry, but it wasn't him. I ran to the lights and turned it on and looked back to the bed to see Liam there.Holy Crap Liam why are you in me and Harry's room. He smiled and said you missed me that much Chelsea? I punched his arm. He said Oww That's what you get I said.Holy Fuck I just kissed you .He said singing "and I liked it". Shut the fuck up Liam.Promise me you won't tell anyone especially Harry I looked at him angrily.I mean he was a awsome kisser it's just...I have a boyfriend that I fucking love.He said okay on one condition.I said what.Harry left for about an hour with the boys to go to the mall.Okay i said and? I was jealous of Zayn. So? I won't tell anyone if...you have sex with me.FINE god damn.I layed down and got ontop of him he took his shirt off. He had fucking sexy ass abs.He was buff and comforting.he grabbed my face and kissed me he started pressing against my chest.He touched my boobs.Then he took off my shirt.I took off his pants and well he did to me.He entered me.I groaned and so did he.He was fucking amazing.We were at it for an hour.I heard Harry open the door I jumped off of Liam and threw on my clothes and so did he.I told him dont ever fucking speak of this again or I will kill you then I kissed him.Did I like Liam or did he like me?Harry walked in and kissed me.Liam looked sad so I sat by him.I pecked him on the cheek.I did to all the boys...it was nothing new.They were my best friends.I loved each and everyone of them.But Harry ...My love for him was unexplainable.Liam grabbed my face and pressed his lips against him.The boys looked as I struggled to get away.Not again they said.they pulled him off and I ran upstairs.I don't fucking love him OMG.Why did he do that.He ran up after me crying and said i'm so sorry Chelsea.I didn't know why I did that he hugged me.I leaned into his warm buff comforting chest as he wiped a tear on my face with his thumb.He was so gentle.He threw me over his shoulder as we laughed and we ran downsairs.Zayn said to me hey sexy look at dat ass.I looked away and said what the fuck.He smiled and I playfully punched his arm.He was funny.Niall was sweet...and hungry.Louis was hilarious.Liam is comforting,and Harry was romantic.I loved these funny,hungry,sweet,romantic,hilarious boys.I want to be a part of this for the rest of my life.I will never change my mind.We all went off to bed and promised to meet in the morning...I heard them talking about some beach.I am getting excited. <3

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