A Dream of Red Roses

Chelsea runs away from her fears and runs into a solution involving love and a new life that is perfect but she has to get used to it, but the consequences go in a certain DIRECTION.


2. The Crush


     I don't know how to thank Harry enough for letting me stay.After my long conversation with Anne I walked over to Harry. He said "You know what we are making for dinner,I=it's my favorite food,you have to know this one" I had to think ,I remembered that his favorite food was also my favorite food...Taco's. I said Taco's and you mean MY favorite food.He said "Your favorite food is taco's ?' I said yea.He said "That's so cool we would be a perfect couple,we are both cute and have the same food" I blushed.I thought Do I like him?

    HARRY'S P.O.V.

    I can't believe I just said that. It was so awkward,I mean I like her I just didn't mean to say that outloud I was thinking it.But I think she blushed so I might be saved.After we ate, She asked me "Where should I sleep?'' I said " You can sleep in my bed...with me? She bushed again ...she was so cute I want ...no I need her as my girlfriend.She said "Are you sure,arn't you uncomfortable with that" I said " No,Are you" She smiled and said "No,not at all" We laughed.


    Oh my god.I'm going to share a bed with HARRY STYLES, not that i'm complaining...Why would I do that , he was so cute his perfect curls that bounces when he walks, his green eyes that make me melt when I look at them.I don't like him ...I think I Love him. <3.We walked into the room it was so cool he had a waterbed a chair that swung in the air, a plasma t.v. and everything you can posibly imagine.He took off his shirt and I stared He had a perfect body.He was the total package.He looked at me and smiled as he was about to take off his pants he said "Do you want me to go in another room" I smiled and said No, i'm fine.He looked and said "Your turn" I laughed and took off my shirt. His eyes widened i laughed and he said "What's so funny" I said jokingly "YOUR FACE" He stood up picked me up and threw me on the bed.We laughed ,I was the happiest person ever.

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