A Dream of Red Roses

Chelsea runs away from her fears and runs into a solution involving love and a new life that is perfect but she has to get used to it, but the consequences go in a certain DIRECTION.


1. Run Away

     "Chelsea" my stepdad calls.I don't want to know what he wants... to be honest... i'm scared to know. I slowly walk down the stairs hearing every crick and creek.I almost start to cry. "What do you want",I said. He said," You know what I want" I screamed " I'm through with you and your SICK mind" I ran upstairs and started to pack.He said "Oh yea,Where are you going to go" Anywhere but her!", I yelled.He grabbed a knife and said," You know your not going to get away that easily , that's what your mother did and that's why I killed her. "YOU WHAT!!!" I screamed. He said "Just because your slutty mother got killed doesn't mean you have to be a bitch" He started coming closer with a sickening, evil grin.He tried to stab me and said " I've been wanting to get rid of you.I ran past him,down the stairs,and out the door.I kept running and didn't stop.I looked behind me and saw my stepdad "Kevin" run after me, and he still had the knife!I was huffing and puffing,I was scared out of my mind. I was too fast for him though.I stopped to catch my breathe.Where am I going to go?I 'll keep walking until morning and get my mind off of things and think.


       HARRY'S P.O.V.

        I woke up to the brightest,sunniest day,I knew that today was going to be a good day.''Mum'' I call, ''What are you making for breakfast,I'm hungry" I asked. She laughed and said "Your favorite" I smiled so wide and asked TACO'S!!!! She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Taco's, for breakfast,maybe in your dream world but in this world no'' She said "I'm making your favorite BREAKFAST" I smelled the air and guessed "Pancakes with butter and syrup, eggs (scrambled), and Bacon" Mum said "Wow...strong nose, but yes" Yay!!! I sat down and waited for her to bring me a plate. She brought me the plate.It smelled so good. I said "Thanks mum."I took one bite and IT WAS SO GOOD!!!When I finished I was so full,I put my plate in the sink and washed it.I told my mum "I'm going to take a walk" "Okay" she said. I was about to walk out the door when she said "Harry, your going to take a walk...in that?'' I looked down at my clothes and said "Woops,forgot to change" I was still in my boxers, thank goodness she stopped me.I changed into black skinny jeans and a Jack Willis shirt . I said ''Okay, Bye" I walked out the door. It was still sunny out.I walked and was thinking about the rest of the boys.We're on break but we always used to hang out it's just different without them.I put my head down while I was thinking.I guess I wasn't paying attention and I walked into a girl.I looked up and she was beautiful.Her golden blonde hair her  blue eyes she was perfect.I said "I'm so sorry" She said it's okay.I asked her "What's your name?'' She responded quickly "Chelsea" Hi Chelsea I'm..She cut me off and said "Harry Styles I know I've heard of you before.It was still for a minute and then I said " Where are you going" She said "I don't know ,I don't have anywhere to go" She looked sad.Want to take a walk with me I asked"She said "Yea." I told  her you can move in with me.She looked shocked. She said "I can't,You don't have to do that"I responded No,I don't have to but I want to.She blushed.She said "No,it's really okay" I picked her up and through her over my shoulders and ran.We laughed and she said "Put me down"We walked inside and I told my mum.She was absolutly okay with it. They introduced themsleves. "Hi,I'm Anne" Mum said. Chelsea said "Hi,I'm Chelsea.They had a girl to girl conversation.I saw Chelsea's face it was gorgeous.They were laughing.Seeing Chelsea smile made me Smile. Do I like her?

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