Love Everlasting

It's the summer of '09 (hehe;) and Tirzah Adele just switched churches with her family. Tirzah Adele has a passion for dance and attends Juilliard's Y.P.P.A.S (Young Prestige Preforming Arts School) during the school year. The church they attend is a Baptist Church that is breaking ground (building) right now. One day, while helping the church with construction, Tirzah meets Ethan. A local boy that attends the same high school as her. He is funny, charming, cute, and loves everything she does. She can be herself around him and his family. They start a summer love, but will a different force pull them apart.


5. 'We had a little slip-up.'

Ethan's P.O.V

"So, do you like the church?" I ask, driving home from church to my house. "I really do, the people are really nice there." she replies.

"Do you want to play some music?" I ask and she nods.

"Go ahead and pick a station." I answer and she starts searching.

We end up on 91.1 singing along to Maroon 5. "I'm at a payphone, tryin' to call home!" i sing off-key- on purpose.

She is bursting out laughing, so I grab her hand- not thinking. She smiles approvingly, so i intertwine our fingers and she closes her hand on mine.

We get to my house and I unlock the door for her. "There is a bathroom right over here. And my bedroom is the second door next to it." I say. She heads to the bathroom to change.

Once we both are changed we go out the back door and head to the lake. "It's almost like a beach, there is a sandy area before the shore line." I explain.

We get there and I pull off my shirt and set it down. I turn back around and Tirzah has on a blue and white striped bikini, and is spreading sunscreen on her stomach.

I smile. "Ready?" i ask. "Yeah!" she smiles. We go swimming for about an hour befor renting a canoe.


Tirzah's P.O.V

I slip on my white shorts before we get in the canoe. Ethan helps me in and sits down beside me, while rowing.

"Okay, ma'am! Looks like i am your tour guide today, over there we have the general store and to your right is the souvenir shop. Feel free to go over there when the tour is through." Ethan jokes. I start giggling.

He laughes and moves his face closer to mine. 'I love you're laugh." he says, smiling. i smile, and he leans in. Our lips brush together, and fireworks set off.

It sounds really cheesy, but that's what it really felt like. We stay kissing for a couple minutes, then smile. The boat rocks hard, from hitting a log.

We both fall out of the boat. "Ethan! Ethan! i'm caught on something!" I scream. "Hold on Tirz! I'm coming!" He replies and swims under.

I feel him slip my shoes off, and come back to the surface. He grabs around my waist and helps me back to the, now up-right, boat.

He grabs his backpack out of the water and unzips it, pulling out a blanket. "Ah, good! it's still dry." he wraps it around us and we paddle back to the shore.

We get back to his house and his mom askes what happened and why we are soaked. "We had a bit of a slip-up. The canoe flipped over and we got wet." Ethan explains.

"Well, you two should really go get dry." his mom suggests, and we run upstairs.



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