Love Everlasting

It's the summer of '09 (hehe;) and Tirzah Adele just switched churches with her family. Tirzah Adele has a passion for dance and attends Juilliard's Y.P.P.A.S (Young Prestige Preforming Arts School) during the school year. The church they attend is a Baptist Church that is breaking ground (building) right now. One day, while helping the church with construction, Tirzah meets Ethan. A local boy that attends the same high school as her. He is funny, charming, cute, and loves everything she does. She can be herself around him and his family. They start a summer love, but will a different force pull them apart.


10. 'My Promise'

Tirzah Adele's P.O.V

Today I was spending the day with Ethan, T-wood, Ashton, Kelly, Aliza, and Matt at Ethan's grandparents horse ranch in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ethan was driving and I was in the passengers seat, everyone else in the back seats. "Do you guys want to play some music?" I ask, everyone erupts in agreement. I pick from one of my three Mixed CD's.

I put in one of my dance mixes, since this weekend is New Years weekend. We get to the ranch and meet up with Ethan's grandfather in the front yard. "Well, hi there kids! Ethan! My boy!" he says.

"Hi Grandpa! This is T-wood, Matt, Ashton, Aliza, Kelly...and my girlfriend, Tirzah." Ethan introduces us all.

"Well, it's freezing as the white witches heart out here! Let's go on inside and get you settled in. Grams is in the kitchen." Ethan's grandpa says, taking us inside.

"Oh hi, honey bun!" his grandmother says. "Yeah, hi honey bun!" Matt whispers in his ear, cracking himself up.

We get settled in our rooms, then go out and tack up our horses for a trail ride. We instruct our horses on a slow trot then speed up to a steady canter once we turn around.

Ethan's grandmother fixes us breakfast for dinner after we get back to the ranch. Afterwards we go out to the backyard and bring stuff to have a bonfire.

We sing praise songs around the fire. I am sitting by Ethan, he is rubbing my back softly. "Come here." he whispers in my ear. We get up and go alittle into the woods at an alcove.

"What's wrong?" I ask. "Nothing, I just wanted to have a little alone time with you. And, I was wondering if-" he starts and gets down on one knee.

"I was wondering if you would accept this promise ring as a pre-engagement sort of thing. Since we obviously can't exactly get married yet." he whispered. I smiled down at him. "Of course. I love you, Ethan." I accept and he slips the universe-cut diamond ring around my left ring finger.

He wraps his arms around my back and picks me up. "I love you more." he says and laughes. We go back to the group and enjoy the rest of the night. At 11 o'clock we all head to our rooms. I stop outside of my room, right across from Ethan and T-wood's room.

"Good night. See you in the morning?" Ethan askes. "Yeah. 'Nite." I say, he smiles and I head into my room.

I snuggle up into bed and dream about everything that has happened since my family moved here. It puts a smile on my face.





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