Love Everlasting

It's the summer of '09 (hehe;) and Tirzah Adele just switched churches with her family. Tirzah Adele has a passion for dance and attends Juilliard's Y.P.P.A.S (Young Prestige Preforming Arts School) during the school year. The church they attend is a Baptist Church that is breaking ground (building) right now. One day, while helping the church with construction, Tirzah meets Ethan. A local boy that attends the same high school as her. He is funny, charming, cute, and loves everything she does. She can be herself around him and his family. They start a summer love, but will a different force pull them apart.


9. 'Horrible Daze'

Ethan's P.O.V

I have spent the last two weeks in despair over Tirzah. Jenna was really catty towards her, because thats who she normally is, and now I have lost her.

"Come on dude. You have to eat something, you haven't had anything to eat today!" Matthew tries to convince me to eat at lunch.

I shake my head. "At least go get a vegetable juice." T-wood says. I get up and head to the lunch line.

Kelly, Aliza, Ashton and.....Tirzah are in front of me. Tirzah is laughing with them and smiling, the smile that she had when we first met.

Tirzah and I catch each others eyes. I start to tear up and Tirz looks away. I get my juice and head back to the table. "I saw Tirz.." I say, quietly. "How did it go, mate?" Matthew asks. "She wouldn't even look at me after a second, and she was laughing like she used to, bright and beautiful.

Everyone starts talking while I tune the world out and drink my juice. "Hey, you! Tirzah! Get over here, peasant!" someone says. I turn around and Jenna is the one talking, I get up and start to walk over slowly.

"Hey! You WILL NOT talk to Tirzah Adele that way!" Aliza says. "Oh look! The kid is speaking!" Jenna mocks her. "Yes, I am." she says again. Jenna seems awestruck, but moves on to Tirz.

"Look at you. Frumpy brown crap as hair, grey eyes, streaked face with black that is btw's STILL VISIBLE! And those brown glasses-don't even get me started. Who would ever love you?" she cuts.

"I would...." i say walking up. Jenna's mouth is wide open. "And I do, always will." I smile and walk up to Tirzah.

"Now do you see, why no one would tell you why we were so worried about her. We probably could have saved you from all this, but I was too stupid to put it off." i apoligize.

"You're not stupid. You're special!" she smiles. I take her in my arms and kiss her, right there in the cafe, as people erupt in cheers and jenna is taking to the principles office.



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