Love Everlasting

It's the summer of '09 (hehe;) and Tirzah Adele just switched churches with her family. Tirzah Adele has a passion for dance and attends Juilliard's Y.P.P.A.S (Young Prestige Preforming Arts School) during the school year. The church they attend is a Baptist Church that is breaking ground (building) right now. One day, while helping the church with construction, Tirzah meets Ethan. A local boy that attends the same high school as her. He is funny, charming, cute, and loves everything she does. She can be herself around him and his family. They start a summer love, but will a different force pull them apart.


2. 'Hi, I'm Ethan.'

Ethan's P.O.V

"Hey Ethan. Go get more nails, I'm out." my dad says. "Okay, I'll be right back." I answer. I start running over to the supply truck.

"Ethan!" I hear my name, and turn back. I am suddenly laying on top of some girl. "Oh my. I am so sorry, are you alright? I am so sorry!" I apoligize.

"No you are completely fine. I'm sorry, I was actually headed over there to help you all with siding." she says with a thick English accent.

"Oh, cool. Here, let me help you up. It's the least I can do after clumsily knocking you down." I say. "Well, thank you." she laughes.

"Oh sorry. I made you fall and didn't even have enough manners left to introduce myself. My name's Ethan." I say, turning red. Woah. Weird. Can a guy even blush?

"Haha, I'm Tirzah Adele. Nice to meet you." she says. "Haha, you have a beautiful name-just like you." I say, then realize I just probably completely freaked her out a lot.

"Did i really just say that?" I ask, nervously. She nods and i look down. "Don't worry, it was pretty cute anyways." she says smiling at me.

"Here, lets go get you a nail belt and we can work together if you want?" I suggest. "I would like that." she says.

"Alright, come on." I say and pat her arm for her to follow me.


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