Love Everlasting

It's the summer of '09 (hehe;) and Tirzah Adele just switched churches with her family. Tirzah Adele has a passion for dance and attends Juilliard's Y.P.P.A.S (Young Prestige Preforming Arts School) during the school year. The church they attend is a Baptist Church that is breaking ground (building) right now. One day, while helping the church with construction, Tirzah meets Ethan. A local boy that attends the same high school as her. He is funny, charming, cute, and loves everything she does. She can be herself around him and his family. They start a summer love, but will a different force pull them apart.


6. 'Cleaning up'

Tirzah's P.O.V

We run upstairs to clean up before dinner. I get out a pair of jeans, from my bag. but, there isn't a dry shirt! Ugh! I start rummaging through my bag, throwing my clothes aside in my bag.

"Do you need another shirt?" Ethan askes. I nod and smile at my messy bag. "I forgot another shirt just in case." I reply, sheepishly.

"Here. You can use one of my tee-shirts." Ethan offers, throwing me a VT shirt. "Thanks, i will be right back." I say, and slip out to go to the bathroom.

After I change, I wash my hands and go downstairs. Ethan is in the kitchen sitting at the table while his mom is baking.

I run down the stairs and join them in the kitchen. "Oh. is that one of Ethan's shirts?" his mom askes. "Yeah, I didn't have a dry shirt so Ethan lent me a tee-shirt of his." I reply. His mom smiles.

"Would you two like to help me baking?" his mom askes. "Sure!" we answer. "Ethan, grab Tirzah an apron." his mom , Mrs. Vial says. "Here you go Tirz." Ethan hands me an apron and smiles.

We turn on the radio and bake cookies and all sorts of treats for the 4th of July firework ceremony.


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