Dirty Secrets

Brooke, the main character, is a desprate young teen who works for the paparazzi. She gets assigned to One Direction to find out what they are really like and all the secrets they haven't been telling anyone. She fakes as hair and make-up artist from New York City who gets the opportuntiy to become One Direction's stylist. When she takes the job she finds her old summer love, Harry. She suddenly finds herself stuck imbetween the boy she loves and her job but what happens when Harry and the boys find out about her dirty little secret? Find out in my story called 'Dirty Secrets.'


3. Meeting the Boys

When I arrived I took out my baggage and five gorgeous guys came out of the huge house and came to help.

"Hello love, I'm Liam." I did a little wave. I was very shy.

"This is Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry." He added

"My name is Brooke." Aparently my voice and name caught Harry's attention.


"Hello Harry." He took me in for a hug.

"So you guys know eachother?" Louis asked me.

"We met eachother over summer in 2009." Harry told him wrapping his arm around my small waist.

I wasn't going to lie I did feel alittle uncomfterble.

"Let the dang girl go Harry she's obviously uncomfterble." Niall stated. God I'm so happy for that boy.

We all took my bags and went inside.

"So this is Harry's place and you'll be staying here." Zayn told me.

"I guess it's fate." Harry said walking over to the kitchen. "Would you like anything to eat?"

"No I'm fine. But does anyone mind showing me to my room?" Louis volenteered.

as we where walking to my room louis decided to talk.

"I can tell we're goig to be really good friend, Brooke." I chuckled.

"You can?"

"Yea just like I did with Harry. Speaking of Harry... What went on between you two?"

"Well a couple years ago we were together. We got together over summer but then he went to the X-Factor and we never really talked after that."

"You know he really likes you . I can tell." We walked into the room I was staying in. "Well heres your room." I laid all my stuff down.

"Well besides my room... You really think Harry likes me?"

"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. And by the way... Everyone knows you like him to."

"I do like him.. I just don't know how to tell him that." I felt like I had known Louis for years.

"Well if I'm correct you just did." He opened the door and the boys fell to the floor. "My boys are easedroppers."

I couldn't see Harry staring at me.

"So Brooke,.... would you like to be my girlfriend one more time?" Harry said standing up.

"Of course Harry." His lips quickly met mine for a short yet passionate kiss. "I would also be happy to do your hair and make-up everyday." I added.

The only bad thing about this all is its fake. I knew that I really couldn't fall inlove with one of them. It would ruin my carreer and my boss is counting on me.

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