Dirty Secrets

Brooke, the main character, is a desprate young teen who works for the paparazzi. She gets assigned to One Direction to find out what they are really like and all the secrets they haven't been telling anyone. She fakes as hair and make-up artist from New York City who gets the opportuntiy to become One Direction's stylist. When she takes the job she finds her old summer love, Harry. She suddenly finds herself stuck imbetween the boy she loves and her job but what happens when Harry and the boys find out about her dirty little secret? Find out in my story called 'Dirty Secrets.'


5. Getting Ready

Almost imediatly I went to go take a quick shower. I was really curious what Harry had in mind since I knew he was the cheeky romantic boy that I use to love.. Use to...

About 15 mintuse later I was already deciding what I would do for my hair. After a quick minute of thinking I decided to curl my hair. I then quickly yet carefully did my make-up. I had no idea how I was going to me One Direction's stylinst if I couldn't even figure out how to make myself look decent.

After awhile of getting ready I had just slipped on my short floral dress that was perfect for any occasion. "Perfect." I said to myself.

I turned around and jumped seeing that Harry was there. "You look beautiful, Brooke."

"You don't look to bad yourself, Haz." I smirked letting out a little giggle.

"So your ready?" He asked me.


"Ok, then follow me."

About 5 minutes later we were on are way to are date. I had no idea where we were going.

"Hey, where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a suprise." He replied.

About 20 minutes later of talking about nothing he finally spoke up. "Ok we are here." He told me opening his door than quickly opening mine. We were at the beach.

"Harry, why are we here?" I asked gasping.

"Let's just go take a walk."

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