Can this be love?

Kaylea is a 17 year old girl that lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mum died a few years back and since then her dad has abused her. One day when she gets home she gets the chance to get out of her hell hole called a home and she takes it. When she runs away she meets a person that will change her life and her heart.


9. One worry left.

I woke up to the sun shining in my face from the window and is that... Singing? I sit up and look at the shirtless boys and Niall singing loudly. "It's time to wake up!" I hear the black head sing. This is annoying me. I have to know their names. "Uhm..." I say, not really knowing what to say. I look up at Niall and he gives me a warm smile. "Kaylea, these are my bandmates. This is Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn." Niall points out the boy along with the name. I smile at them and they smile back. I could get used to this. But wait, "Bandmates?" I ask. They all nod. "You never heard of us?" Harry asks with a confused look in his eyes and on his face. Of course I never heard of them. I have been locked up in a house, only leaving to go to work, for years. "I'm sorry,but, no I haven't." I say softly. Niall quickly speaks up. "Guys, she hasn't been out in the real world for a couple of years. She needs a few days, or even weeks to catch up." "So wait, she's coming on your with us?" Liam asks. One simple question can make such a commotion. The second he asked that they just all broke out into questioning. Mostly about me. Why are they asking Niall all these questions if he barely knows me or my life? "Stop! If you have questions ask me, not Niall!" I say and they slowly all calm down. "Liam, your question." I say softly. "Are you coming on tour with us?" He asks. I shrug. Tour. Doesn't sound bad but it's not up to me. "It's up to your boss and to you guys." I sigh quietly as I look at Niall. His hair was messy and he was only wearing ball shorts. God, Kaylea! Stop checking him out. "Does anyone else have a question?" I ask. They all shake their heads and I get up off the bed. "Do you mind if I take a shower?" I ask Niall. He's the one I trust most out of this group . By a long shot. He nods as he walks over to his suitcase and pulls out a shirt and another pair of ball shorts and hands them to me. I smile at him. He was really nice, even to a girl he barely even knows. I walk past the boys and go out of the room and go into the bathroom. I only have one worry left. My father.

A/N: Hey guys! I know it's been a while since the last chapter and this chapter kind of sucks but I swear I will try to put up 2-3 chapters up every day! But no promises since school is getting really busy! I would love if you gave some feedback! Oh, and the winner of my contest (her name was in the last chapter) I still need your information! But anyways, thank you guys for reading my Movellas and I will update soon!
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