Can this be love?

Kaylea is a 17 year old girl that lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mum died a few years back and since then her dad has abused her. One day when she gets home she gets the chance to get out of her hell hole called a home and she takes it. When she runs away she meets a person that will change her life and her heart.


5. Nialls POV

Now I was confused. Why would anyone trying to hurt her? What did she do to them? I had questions and I needed answers. "I won't hurt you. I promise." I say stepping toward her. She took a step back. She was afraid of me. "I'm Niall. Niall Horan from One Direction." I held out my hand to her. She hesitated but stepped forward and shook it. "Kaylea Brocovich." She said letting go of my hand. I smiled and sat on the bench and patted beside as a sign to sit down. She slowly moved over to the bench and sat down. "Now tell me. Why was you hiding?" I asked as soon as she sat down. "I was hiding from my father." She replied softly. "What did he do to make you afraid of him?" I say looking at her. "He...he.." She didn't finish. She just broke down crying. I put my arm around her waist and pulled on my lap and started rocking her and sang softly while she continued to cry. I know I just met Kaylea but I feel like I have to protect her from anything that will hurt her. Whatever her father did to her to make her cry like this I will kill him for it. After a few minutes eh stopped crying and kept her face buried in my chest. "Love? Do you have anywhere to stay?" I ask softly. She shakes her head in response. "You can stay in the Lads and I's hotel if you want." I say. "Please." She says into my chest and I nod even know she probably couldn't see that. I put one arm under her legs and one behind her back and stood up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder. I looked at her and she was already half asleep. I kissed her forehead and started walking back to the hotel. -12 MINUTES LATER- I was finally at the door of the hotel room. When I opened the door it was dark. I assumed that the lads were already in bed. I quietly closed the door behind me with my foot and walked over to my room and opened the door and laid her carefully on my bed. I covered her up in the covers and turned to leave when I heard her voice "Don't leave me..."
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