Can this be love?

Kaylea is a 17 year old girl that lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mum died a few years back and since then her dad has abused her. One day when she gets home she gets the chance to get out of her hell hole called a home and she takes it. When she runs away she meets a person that will change her life and her heart.


6. Don't leave me

Kaylea's POV

I didn't want him to leave. He made me feel... Safe and wanted. And I haven't felt that feeling in a long time. He turned around and looked at me in the eyes with a worried expression. "Are you sure?" He asks. I nod "Please." He smiles and slowly slides in the bed next to me. "Thank you" I say softly and lay my head on his chest. He lays his hand on my back and softly rubs it. I smile and do a happy sigh. The next thing I know I'm asleep and having a so far happy dream. -HER DREAM- Im laying next to Niall out of breath. Me and him are under the sheets and we are both naked. "That was the best thing that has ever happened to me." I say. He smiles and his form starts changing. What's going on!? "N-Niall?!" I scream. I close my eyes and when I open them my dad is there. "You can never escape me!" He says. He grabs my shoulders and starts shaking me violently as I scream for Niall. My father raises his hand and slaps me and next thing I know I wake up from my dream screaming and Niall shaking my shoulders. "Kaylea! Are you alright?" He asks. I break down crying and I wrap my arms around Niall. "Don't leave me." I cry into his chest. He lays down beside me and brings me close. "I would never leave you." He says while stroking my hair. "What was you dreaming about?" Niall asks after a moment of silence. I shake my head. "Can I tell you in the morning?" I respond. He sighs and I look up at him "please? I really don't want to talk about it." He nods and rubs my back. I close my eyes and start falling asleep. "Goodnight love." He says before I fall asleep

A/N: Guys I'm having writers block and I'm trying my best to figure something out for the next chapter! I you want you can leave suggestions in the comments and I will really try my best to read them and get the next chapter up as fast as I can! And guys thank you so much for reading my very first Movellas! I appreciate it! -KayleaandNiall-
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