Can this be love?

Kaylea is a 17 year old girl that lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mum died a few years back and since then her dad has abused her. One day when she gets home she gets the chance to get out of her hell hole called a home and she takes it. When she runs away she meets a person that will change her life and her heart.


2. At 'home'

I opened the door and closed it quietly, hoping that I could sneek into my room without my dad noticing. I slipped off my shoes and started tip toeing up the stairs. When I reached the landing I seen my dad standing infront of his door with chains in his hands. "P-Please don't" I say backing up to the wall as he came closer to me. "Doesn't matter what you say, your still getting your punishment." He says pinning my hands above my head on the wall. This was the perfect moment! I kneed him in the balls with all my might and watched him crumple over in pain. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my shoes and went outside and started running to the old abandoned park near by. "KAYLEA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE" I heard my dad scream from the house. I kept running in the cold dark night.

A/N: Im so sorry this is a short chapter! I will try to make my next chapter longer! -KayleaandNiall-

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