Can this be love?

Kaylea is a 17 year old girl that lives in Mullingar, Ireland. Her mum died a few years back and since then her dad has abused her. One day when she gets home she gets the chance to get out of her hell hole called a home and she takes it. When she runs away she meets a person that will change her life and her heart.


1. About me

Hi! My name is Kaylea Brocovich. I am seventeen years old and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am also 5'7. I live in Mullingar, Ireland. I work at a grocery store called 'Quick Stop'. I have been saving money to move out. I want to leave my so called home. Basically because my father rapes me everyday when I get home from work. It started when my mum passed away from cancer a few years ago. My father used to not rape me but that all changed since my mums death. Some days I just dont want to go home. But I have nowhere to go. I have no friends or family. So I have no other option but to go home.

A/N: This is my very first Movella and Im not really sure if you guys will like it so will you give me feedback? Thanks! (: -KayleaandNiall-

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