Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


7. Someones got a crush

We wake up at 9 with light streaming through the windows. I get up and look out the window perfect view of the CN tower and the beautiful city. Suddenly i start to remember everything from last night. Harry Kissed me on the cheek! And said he like me! This has to be a dream :s but its not its all real , its all my dreams finally coming true. I take a shower and straighten my hair. By 10:30 me and Jackie are dressed and are ready to go downstairs for breakfast. But before we leave the room i grab my phone and turn it on. 2 missed calls and 5 txts. The calls are from my mom so i quickly call her back and tell her that we got here safely and we are fine. The i check my txts . one from , Emily, frannie, Alicia and cailee all asking how my trip was going. I reply to them and check my last text which was from harry, it read
Morning beautiful hope you had a good night sleep. Remeber to pick something nice to wear tonight. See you later H. Xx 
Awe how cute he really is the perfect guy. We go downstairs and eat breakfast. I make some waffles and Jackie has cereal. Then we head off to the mall to shop. We hit stores like claires and ardeanes, where we find bff bracelets and decide to get 5 more incase the guys want some. Then we go to forever 21 which is one of my favorite stores in the mall. We some shorts and shirts there for the summer. Next. We go to Victoria secret. Yes a underwear store but hey you can never have to much bras and underwear. We both get some underwear and bras because hey we have 5000 each to spend. Then as jokes Jackie makes us both buy sexy lacy lingerie telling me that someday in the future i will use is. She is a little werid but we both buy our stuff and leave. I see a Abercrombie store and practicly run to it ive wanted some cloths from there forever. I get a couple tops and a couple pairs of jeans. After a bit more shopping we decide to take all our cloths back to the hotel. Just as we walk in Niall is walking out.
Niall: o hey girlies what are ya doing 
Jackie: hey Niall we were just dropping our bags and going out to lunch how about you?
Niall: just going back to reherse well i best be going so you girlies tonight 
Me: bye see you later
Jackie: bye!
Niall winks at her awe cute i hope things work out for them. I look at Jackie shes frozen in place. Jackie! Jackie! I snap my fingers and she back.
Jackie: ahhh he just winked at me omg!
Me: uhuh yep he did haha now lets go get some lunch before you faint.
We put our our bags in our room and head off again. We go to a small restaurant by the university. I order chicken and she orders fish we start eating and then on the tv we see one direction being interviewed on much music! Funny they never mentioned having a interview today huh. We listen in they are mostly talking about there show tonight and how they are excited. But then the interviewer asks whos single and whos not.
Interviewer: ok raise your hand if your single
no one puts there hands up and first the niall finally puts his hand up, harry looks like hes really thinking about it and after a minute he puts his up to. What was that about i wonder.
Interviewer: what was with the hesitation there boys?
Niall: well recently we have both met some really lovely girls
Harry: ya and i like one of them very much
I look at Jackie we are both blushing because they are talking about us!
Interviewer: o so is there anything going on there?
Niall: well hopefully in the future maybe but we only met recently so id like to get to know her better.
HARRY: well.. Im not sure you see because i don't know if she likes me back. But if she does then definetly! Hopefully by the end of the night i will know
Interviewer: well bost of luck to you
Then she changes the subject to the awards they were nominated for and stuff like that. At the end of the interview she brings something up i was hoping they would never hear....
Interviewer; so we had some girls here the other day who had won tickets to see the show 
They nod as to hear what was coming next
Interviewer : and they said that one direction was actually there favorite band
Zayn: thats really cool we love our fans
Interviewer: we also found out who their favorites were whould you like to know who they said?
Liam: ya sure
Loius: deffinatly
Interview: alright so the one girl whos 15 said Harry Or Niall and the one whos 13 said Niall
Harry has a instant smile on his face because last night we told them we had be on the show and Niall looks really happy. The interview ends and we stop paying attention
Jackie: i cant believe they just talked about us to them!
Isabel: i know im kinda embarrassed 
Jackie: why now Harry knows you like him! 
Isabel: i guess your right 
Jackie: please you know im right 
We both laugh and head back to the hotel to get ready for tonight.

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