Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


4. In shock?

Im frozen in shock is this really all happening?
Jackie: OMG You just talked to harry styles!
Me: omg omg i did!
Jackie lets out a squeal harry looks back at us and smiles a bit and winks
Jackie: omg he just winked at you! Ahh tell me everything! What did you talk about! Whats he like !
Jackie: omg I think he likes u did u see the way he looked at u!?
Me: ya right like hed like me! Haha ur funny girl and what do u mean looking at me? We were talking so obviously
Jackie: are u blind woman! He had a smile on his face the hole time and was looking directly in ur eyes that gotta mean something!!
Me: every magazine says he's a big flirt I'm sure its nothing.
Im getting bombarded with questions just as im about to answer a lady walks up to us. 
Lady: are you to Isabel and Jackie
Me: yes
Lady: hi im lucy im going to be your guide and handeler while your here come on we have to go to much studios you have a interview in half an hour. We go with her and get into a black limousine its gorgeous I've never been in one before its so big and soo comfy I actually feel like I'm a princess living in a dream world. All of a sudden I feel a punch in my arm ow I exclaim what was that for 
jackie: that's for falling asleep on me you bum 
me: oops sorry smackie
Jackie: its ok smiz we r here btw
lucy :come on girls time to get ready.
We go into the much music building its just like I've seen it on tv but bigger! Just the thought of all the stars that have been here makes me go crazy! We get ready for our interview its manely about our lives and what its like to have won the contest and who we want to see most. The interview starts the first question was where we came from and how we liked it there we both said kingston was nice but could get boring at times. 
Interviewer: so how did u feel when u fould out u had one?
Me: I was really excited I've always had terrible luck so I never thought I'd win but then I did! So the first thing I did was call my bff! 
Interviewer: so how did u feel then being the bff 
jackie: well at first I thought she was pulling a joke on me but then she actually proved she was telling the truth so I got really excited!
Interwiewer: that's great so who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Jackie: well I think I d like to see justin bieber the most and isabel definetly wants to see onedirection interviewer: is that so tell me isabel why do you want to see one direction?
Me : well I've watched them ever since the x factor and they were really good! I've seen interviews and they seem like really nice people plus they are super cute! 
Interviewer: yes they certainly are!so who are your favorites?
Jackie: niall
me: harry or niall 
Interviewer: o you like the curls haha
me: well they are all cute but I think those to are the funniest plus they are younger.
Interviewer: well that is very true ,so girls how old are you?
Me: 16 soon
Jackie:14 soon
Interviewer: ahh so not to far age gap from the boys hmm maybe you girls will get lucky ;)
The interview ends and lucy takes us to the hotel . ive been here before when i was a kid but i remember it like it was yesterday. Its a very nice hotel near the mall and close to all stores. We get up to our room its on the 10th floor and has a great view of the city. You can actually see the cn tower from here. Me and Jackie decide to go get some food and look around the hotel. It 11 pm so things wont be busy. We get into the elevator when i remember i was supposed to txt harry where we r staying. I txt him as the doors shut the elevator stops on the next floor and i send the message as the door opens i see a blonde skinny boy walk in and behind him a chocolate brown curly haired boy . it was harry! He sees me and looks surprised.

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