Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


6. Big eater

Niall orders 2 big macs a large fry and a large drink. I guess he really does eat alot. Harry orders a big mac meal and we order the same just as we are about to pay...
Harry: no lets us pay
Niall: ya lets us pay (already eating the first big mac)
Me: um.. ok then
Harry pays for us and flashes me a huge smile. I smile back.
Hes so nice and so cute how is it even possible for me to even be talking to someone so attractive as him. We go sit in the upper level of the mcdonalds and eat. The boys ask us questions about Kingston and how we liked school.then the more personal questions come in.
Harry: do you girls have any siblings?
Jackie: i have one sister
Me: i have 3 sisters and one brother
Harry and Niall both looked a little shocked at the number
Niall: i wish i had a sister all i got is a brother
Harry: ive got a sister to and niall once you have one you don't always want one trust me.
Of couarse Niall had to ask if we had boyfriends or not. A little award seeing that me and m boyfriend had broken up about a month ago because he had cheated on me at a dance. Harry can see see that i look a bit uncomfortable 
Harry: Niall thats abit personal don't you think lad?
Niall: sorry just trying to get to know them better.... you don't have to answer if you don't want to. But ill be right back im going to get so chicken fillets. 
Harry: sorry about Niall hes a bit nosey
Me: its ok 
Jackie: ya we don't mind talking bout personal stuff do we Isabel?
Me: err... nope 
Niall comes backs and Jackie starts to explain how shes single and has had her ups and down in relationships. She looks a bit sad seeing how she just got over a break up to but Niall cheers her up and soon shes happy again.
Harry: so.. uh. What about you? (again talking to me)
Me: Single as of just recently.
Niall: what happend?
I cant answer so i tell Jackie to tell them the story.
Jackie: Her ex cheated on her at a dance then broke up with her.
Niall: what a jerk!
Harry just looks surprised and a little disgusted
Harry: thats terrible! I would never do that to a girl!
Jackie: i know right hes a total jerk
Me: guys its ok really im fine now. Sure it was tuff at the time but thats all in the past.
Jackie: so what about you guys got any girlfriends?
Niall: nope still looking for the right gal (winks at Jackie who starts blushing)
Harry: well erm no... but there is this girl i do fancy quit a bit and starts blushing and looks and me and quickly looks down.
Jackie starts giggling and i start blushing. Does that mean he likes me?
Niall: can we go somewhere now im getting bored?
Me: well theres a nice courtyard we can all go walk through its really beautiful?
Harry: sounds great lets go
We cross 2 busy streets to the university i lead them through a back street to a path leading up to a courtyard. I look up and laugh because i remember being here with my friend from bc and seeing a girl half naked just standing in the window it was really funny.
Harry: whats so funny?
Me: just more memories.
When we get to the courtyard Jackie and the boys gasp with amazement its truly beautiful here. 
We walk around for abit and talk and then i lead them to a basketball court further along the path. We played 2 on 2 me and Jackie veres them. They were quit shocked because we were actually playing well.
Harry: who taught you to play basketball so well?
Me: i was on my schools team for 2 years
Niall: no fair
Me and Jackie laugh. We end up winning and then we realize the time. Its 1am we decide we better go back to the hotel because tomorrow we will be shopping all day and then be going to the mmvas.
We all chat while walking back to the hotel. Mostly about sports and their performance tomorrow.
We get back to the hotel and me and Jackie hug Niall and then she hugs harry. Then i hug harry and he kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear( that girl i fancy is you babe) im blushing like crazy as we walk back into the hotel. The boys stay down in the lobby for a bit and we get into the elevator.
Jackie: ahhhhh that was such an amazing night omg! I hugged Niall and we talked a bunch iam sooo happy. Oh and harry jeez girl he defiantly likes you!
Me: he kissed me on the cheek and said he liked me ( im still in shock)
Jackie: omg he totally does i could tell awe you would be so cute together!
We get onto our floor and into our room. We get ready for bed and are asleep by 2. Tomorrows going to be a very long day.

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