Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


8. Award timee

Harrys P.O.V 
All day ive been thinking about her. That girl that makes me laugh and can tell me anything. The girl that with the brown hair and brown eyes. I think ive really fallen for her, shes the perfect girl for me. At the interview today the lady brought them up and said me and niall were her favorites! That means she does like me. I plan to make a move tonight at the awards and who nos what could happen. I cant wait to see her i just know she will look gorgeous.

My P.O.V
Me and Jackie take turns showering to get off todays hard work, well shopping but still that counts as hard work. I get out of the shower and wrap my hair up when i hear a nock at the door. I look through the peekhole to see who it is. Its not like i could let harry or anyone see me like this. Its or hair and makeup people . i let them in and they start talking to us about our hair. For mine they curl it and braid apart ot it then put it into a updo. For Jackie they straighten it and put it in a high ponytail with a poof. For our makeup they do a more natural look for Jackie because they think shes to young for a ton of makeup but it still looks good, for me they take shades of gold and give me a smokey eye. When we are all dolled up we look so much older i love it. The team leaves and then a rack of dresses rolls in. Theres so many to choose from and they are all gorgeous. I finally Pick a white short dress with silver beading on the top and a flowy skirt. Jackie picks a blue 1 shoulder dress . we put on accessories and heels and take a picture before we go. I quickly post it to my twitter and facebook. I check my txts and theres one from harry. 
Txt me when you are about to leave xx --H 
I quickly text him back saying we are just about to leave. He quickly texts me back saying that hes down stairs and to hurry. We get in the elevator and head to the lobby and the doors open and i see harry standing in a handsome black suit and bowtie he looks so hot! Hes by he front door looking at me. He looks shocked and a huge smile plays across his face. We walk over to see him.
Harry: you look absoulutly breathtaking
I cant help but blush and Jackie giggles
Me: you don't look to bad yourself 
We both laugh
Harry: and Jackie im sure Niall whould say the same if he was here but hes in the limo waithing for me so i better get going, see you later?
Me: ya sure bye
He leaves and gets into his limo. Its sad we havnt really got a chance to talk today. We see Lucy coming through the doors and she leads us to out limo. On the ride there she tells us that Kayne West couldn't make so the people there wanted me and Jackie to present a award. We were both shocked and really nervous but we accepted. We got there a couple minutes later. The door opens and we get out tons of people are screaming and waving. We wave back and begin to walk the redcarpet. Some people actually knew our names which was crazy and some people called us over. We walked over to see 2 girls 1 i recognized from staying in Toronto i give her a great big hug and we take a picture the other girl we talk to and find out she likes one direction to. We talk for a bit but then we have to leave. Theres stars everywhere. I see demi lovoto and selena Gomez walk in. Its crazy that we are here and so close to all the stars. We get down to the end of the carpet to where people take photos and interviews happen we go to take a picture and pose the paps keep asking us to pose and we do behind us we see cody simpson he asks to get a pic with us! Is this happeing omg ! we take picture with him and are on our ways. People are calling us over for interviews. We head over to the J:14 people its a magazine that i love. They ask what it was like to be here and who we are looking forward to see perform. Jackie says Justin bieber and i say One Direction and Taylor Swift. They ask a coulple more question and then send us on our way because the awards are about to start. We go to our section and wait for it to begin. The show opens with Rihanna singing. Its a amazing performance. Awards are given and Justin Bieber wins for best male artist. Jackie cheers really loud because she loves him so much. Other awards are presented and some winners include, hedley, rihanna, selena Gomez and lady gaga. Its intermission and we head back stage to get ready to present.we are both really nervous but we suck it up.

.Part 8 2/2 continued

 We read over what we are supposed to say and walk on to stage. Theres cheers all around even though no one knows us. Then we begin to say our speech before i do i look into the audience and see Harry looking at me and giving me a nod to keep going. Me:Though Canada is known for its amazing artists we have to recongnize the artists countrys as well the artist or group that wins this award is highly honoured and originate from another country( in a krystal clear confidant voice) Jackie: Past winners for this award are: beyonce and others Me: the nominess for this award are: the wanted, cody simposon and one direction  A loud cheer spreads through the crowd. Someone brings us a envelope Jackie: and the award goes to Me: One direction! Cheers are screamed through the crowd. What makes you beautiful plays in the back ground. The boys walk up to the stage to claim there award. Harry takes it from me and winks. Liam goes up to the microphone so they can all say there acceptance speech Liam: we would like to thank you all this is a true honor  Niall: ya thank you to all our fans for voting we love you guys Harry: thanks to our management and all our supporters Louis: All our fans are amazing we owe everything to them Zayn: what they said haha thanks you all We all walk back stage after. Harry: You girls were amazing out there! Niall:ya Phenomenal job ladies Jackie: more like Phenomniall We both laugh Niall: haha i like that one Harry: boys this is Isabel and Jackie i met them at the airport yesterday Louis: oh so this is the girl eh harry Harry: uhhh( he looks really embarrassed) Liam: hi im liam nice to me you ladies and this is Louis and Zayn  Jackie: hi nice to meet you all Me: Nice to meet you We watch the rest of the show from back stage and talk with the guys and take pictures. Soon we will be going to the after party.....
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