Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


9. after party

We get into the limo and head off to the party with boys. I sit beside harry and Jackie , whos sitting beside Niall.
Harry: great job ladies especially for your first time on a stage.
Louis: thats was your first time! I would never had known because it was very professional.
Liam: yea it was i remember the first time i was on the stage i was scared to death.
Zayn: ya the first time i did it i was frozen on stage.
We all laugh
Me: well i guess we did so well because we had confindacence 
Liam: confidance is key
Me: plus ive preformed in front of crowds for years!
Harry: doing what?
Me: well im a figure skater so many competitions and a couple school talent shows
Harry: i cant skate...
ME: haha well i guess if i ever see you again i will teach you
Harry: sounds like a plan
Louis coughs because we are ignoring them
Louis: so what did you do in your talent show
Me: played piano
Liam: thats awesome i love piano
Niall: maybe you can show us sometime
Me: i guess it could.
We soon get out at the party and go in. Its huge anyone whos everyone is here from justin to gaga. We go sit at the bar together the boys get us drinks even though we are under age
Liam: are you sure you girls should be drinking?
Louis: ya you are underage
Jackie: its not like we havnt drank before
Me: ya i bet i can beat one of you in a drinking contest!
Harry: hold that thought Isabel can i talk to you a sec
Me: ya sure harry
He leads me to a balcony outside.
Harrys P.O.V
She looks gorgeous when i saw her walk out of the elevator i could hardly breath and the way that she looked at me then said that speech efforetsly blows my mind. I take her out to the balcony so i can talk to her alone and tell her how i feel.
Isabel: so whats up harry?
Harry: well uh we just havnt gotten a chance to talk today and so i wanted to talk to you....
Isabel: ok so what do you want to talk about? 
She says looking a little cofused. Im so nervous how do i tell her that i have fallen for her and what if she dosnt like me back?
Me: well i just wanted to tell you that.... well ever since i saw you trying to get that bag off yours at the airport ive fallen for you. I love the way you smile and the way you make people laugh, you are so confident a beautiful and your the perfect girl for me so uh ya basicly i want you to know that i really like you.....
She just stands there for a second. I look down because i know shes about to say she dosnt feel the ssame
Isabel: harry i don't know what to say. I never thought a amazing kind cute guy like you would ever like me.... and i really like you to.
We both smile and i grabs her hand. 
Me:Well then love we better get back would you like to dance?
Isabel: i would love to
We walk hand and hand on to the dancefloor as a slow song comes on. I have hands rested on her hips and hers are on my shoulders. This night was turning into a good one.
My P.O.V
OMG harry has just told me that he has fallen for me and hard! I really like him to he grabbed my hand and we go onto the dancefloor. We start rotating in circles and burst out laughing because we are terrible dancers i look up into his deep green eyes and he looks into mine our lips are about to touch when Jackie comes bursting in
Jackie: omg Isabel come i have someone for you to meet.... opps awkward didn't mean to butt in
Isabel: err its ok and ok
Jackie leads me back to the bar and Harry follows closely behind looking a little depressed. I manage to whisper in his ear "later" and a instant smile comes on his face. I giggle. When we get to the bar i see Justtin Bieber! 
Jackie: hey Justin this is my friend Isabel
Justin: Oh ya you were the other presenter great job out there 
Me: thanks and nice to meet you
Justin: the pleasure is all mine.
Niall comes running over when he notices who we are with. I swear he was about to fangirl infront of him!
Niall: oh hey justin hows it going dude
Justin: pretty good hows the tour bro
Niall: o good good, hey guys lets all get a pic!
We take a pic harry beside me just between me and Jackie and niall beside Jackie. We all talk for a bit and trade #'s and twitter names and he leaves.
Me: so harry how about a drinking competition?
Harry: oh your on!
Jackie and Niall: us to!
We all order shots Jackies out at 4 and Nialls out at 5. By 6 im begging to feel a little tipsy and so does harry so he calls it quits. I win i take one more shot. 
Harry: tell me how does a little thing like you drink so much
Me: secret
Harry: so do you want to go dance again?

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