Truly, Madly, Deeply

Isabel was just a normal high school girl living in canada. she had friend and was good at sports but seemed to have terrible luck. But one day a twist happened she won tickets to an awards show. Because of this twist of fate the most amazing journey of a life time come. She meets harry on the way and through time a relationship is sparked. But with her school and his touring how can they stay together? read to find out


1. Taking a chance

Ever since One Directions first song came out i had been a fan i have a wall plastered with posters and listen to there music alot. Ive tried to get tickets to there concerts but there were always sold out or something came up that prevented me from going  I guess it was just never my time.Its the beginning of june the MMVAS are coming up soon.! Its my last chance this year to see them since i cant go to the states because i don't have a passport, dumb parents who never got me one. I google how to get tickets it says go on the much website so i do and enter 3 contests to go to the MMVAS. Its not like i think i will win or anything but i try anyways. I go to school the next day and see my friends 
Me: hey guys whats up?
Emily: hey we were just talking bout music and movies 
Me:omg that reminds me i entered to win tickets to the MMVAS!
Emily: thats great! But theres no chance in winning those contests are all dumb and i kinda think they are rigged :/
Me: thats true but o well theres always hope
(bell rings) 
Me: bye guys 
Everyone: bye!
(hours later) 
I go to class for the rest of the day and think about what Emily had said. What if she was right? What if they are rigged. I start to feel really sad and by the end of the day i cant wait to get home
I get home and check my e-mail like i usually do when i see something i didn't expect. Its a letter from Much Music? Is this even possible? Could Emily have been wrong? i open it and begin to read:

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