His girl

Ever ever after is what he said back then but he is famous and no longer mine, now hes the worlds


1. Hello my name is...

Hi. So, I'm Eleanor Samberg. No I'm not relatd to Andy Samberg. Im your averag Canadain. I'm not good at sports. I cant dance. I can sing but I choose not to unless its in my shower.  No one likes me. Im bullied at school. but that will change sooner or later, How about tonight?   

I had a good friend who understood me and loved me for me. but he moved away and now he is all famous. no chance of him seeingme and actually remembering me.


I slumped down against a wall and just cried. I stayed like that for over an hour when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up to see a mess of blondish hair and some brownish eyes staring down at me. He sat down. He smiled and said "are you ok?" I nodded. He didnt leave though. He stayed. "I dont believe you." so I told him about how Sharpey kicked me and hit me, but he still didnt leave. "come on les go get you cleaned up." and he led me to his house.


Now all I wanted to do was punch that boy.

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