Flying Away to Freedom

I was born with one brother, two sisters, and our so called "father". After the death of my baby sister, Me and my siblings ran away and found an amazing discovery about ourselves nobody but us knows about. We are in a great place until our secret is discovered. Lies are told, rumors are spread, and we find ourselves in a jumbled up world.


2. His Secret

Laying in my bed, feeling guiltier than ever. "I just killed my father" the words repeat over, and over, and over in my head haunting me as I try to sleep. I don't think I will ever forgive myself... or my father. My toes tingle at the end of my bed, thinking about how I will have to explain this whole thing to the rest of my family. Should I keep his secret?

I think I eventually fell back asleep, because all I remember is trying to figure out if I should tell my mom about what happened last night. I get out of bed and walk down the stairs, It is seven o-clock and nobody else is awake yet. I get a bowl, milk, and some cereal and eat my breakfast in silence. After that I go back upstairs and take a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair, and wait for my mom to wake up. 

She walks down the stairs, at 8:30, with my brother and sister.

"Is Jessica still sleeping?" She asks.

"Uhh .. sorry what did you say?" I reply.

"I said, is Jessica still sleeping?"She asks again.

"Umm ... I'm not sure.." I say back, trying to be involved in my phone.

"Oh ok let me go che.."

Before she can finish, I say "NO! .. I mean.. you stay here and relax, I will check."

I walk up the stairs, and lean into my sisters room. Looking at her bloody chest, I feel mesmerized. I feel like this is all a dream, it just happened way too fast. Before I can stop it, I start to sob..hard. My mom must have heard me because she rushes up the stairs and peaks into my sisters bedroom. She looks at the crib.. and five seconds later, she faints. BOOM! she hits the floor. 

I look at her body, and shake her, tap her arm, call her name, and she wakes up. 

"Wh...wha...wh...what ha..ha..hap..happened?" she mumbles. 

"It's a long story." I say

"I have time!" She replies.

So I tell her how it happened, and feel guilty for a horrible reason, that I did not keep my father's secret.

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