Flying Away to Freedom

I was born with one brother, two sisters, and our so called "father". After the death of my baby sister, Me and my siblings ran away and found an amazing discovery about ourselves nobody but us knows about. We are in a great place until our secret is discovered. Lies are told, rumors are spread, and we find ourselves in a jumbled up world.


1. A Dark Night

It's thundering outside! I have never heard it thunder this much. The rain falls to the ground as if it's being chased by an enemy. As fast as lighting. Speaking of lighting, Its as bright as a flash light being shined in someones eyes! I cannot fall asleep, it's almost midnight now. I just have a really strange feeling something terrible is going to happen. Just to prove my brain wrong, I get out of my bed and look down long dark hallway. See! there is nothing there.I tell myself. On my way back to my room I see my dad come up the stairs. I hide behind the wall because i don't want him to know i'm up this late. He walks into my sisters bedroom, and I follow him because I feel like spying! Who cares if I get into trouble! I love spying! Theres something in his hand, I get a closer look, Its a KNIFE! He is probably just cutting a rope or something! :O I say under my breath. He must have heard something, because he quickly turned his head around. I quickly leaped to the bathroom door and said "Oh.. Hi dad! I was just going to the bathroom." He jolts his knife behind his back and says "Ok sweetie have a good night!" I want to scream "I'm not that stupid dad! and take that damn knife out of his hand." But I don't because I would be in trouble and no one would believe me. So I walk into the bathroom like a sweet innocent daughter. About five seconds later I scramble out of the bathroom (quietly obviously) and continue spying. The thing is, if he was really just cutting a rope or something, he would't hide the knife from me. He leans over my sister Jessica's bed and says "FLY AWAY!" and stabs the knife into her chest.

I cannot control myself. I scream "DAD! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" He says "can we keep it our little sec.." but before he could finish, I stabbed him in the chest. 

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